‘The Bachelor’: Fans are Standing Behind Hannah Ann

The Bachelor came to a dramatic conclusion last night. During finale, Peter Weber sat down with Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett to discuss their relationships during the show and what the future held for each of them. 

Fans were deeply disappointed in the way Weber handled things this season, even down to the choices he made during the finale. Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to rally behind Sluss and give Weber a piece of their minds. 

[Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for The Bachelor season finale ahead.] 

'The Bachelor' Hannah Ann Sluss gets fan support
Hannah Ann Sluss & Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Hannah Ann calls Peter out for contact with Hannah Brown 

Throughout Weber’s entire season, Bachelor Nation had no qualms with Sluss. She seemed to keep herself out of the drama at the mansion and aside from her assertiveness to get Weber’s attenton early on, Sluss had a pleasant demeanor throughout.

When she finally met the Weber family during their trip to Australia, it was clear that they loved Sluss, too. No one loved her more than Peter’s mom, Barbara, who wanted so desperately for Weber to make Sluss part of the family. 

Barbara’s support shone during the Mar. 10 finale, even when Sluss revealed that Weber had been in contact with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown. After an awkward discussion, host Chris Harrison gave Sluss the final word in the matter: 

Peter, we’ve been through a lot together. I should have really picked up on the first red flag that you gave to me. It was when you wanted to reach out to Hannah Brown to find closure with her. So really, looking back at it, our engagement involved three women. Me. You still being in love with Madison and proposing to me. And you needing closure with Hannah Brown. That’s three women involved in our engagement I was completely blindsided to. So word of advice, if you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man.

Hannah Ann Sluss, The Bachelor “After the Final Rose”

Bachelor Nation stands by Hannah Ann 

After learning Weber still wasn’t over Brown, many Bachelor fans were disappointed in him. Weber had too much of a past that he had yet to move on from, and unfortunately, Sluss got dragged along for the ride. 

Bachelor Nation rallied behind Sluss, taking to Twitter to show their support for her. One Sluss supporter tweeted, “Hannah Ann really deserves an award for going up there and sticking up for herself.” 

Bachelor Nation loved that Sluss stood up for herself, both after Weber broke off their engagement and during the finale when she told Weber “to become a real man.”

Is Hannah Ann Sluss okay? 

At the end of the day, it looks like Weber has lost some fans. On the other hand, Sluss is going to be okay.

She posted a photo of her in pilot gear after the show with the caption: “Flyin’ solo… no turbulence accepted. PERIOD.” 

Despite receiving a first impression rose and having one of the strongest connections with Weber, their relationship just didn’t work out. But from what Bachelor Nation has seen from Sluss throughout Weber’s season, this poised and confident bombshell isn’t going to have trouble finding love again.