‘The Bachelor’ Fans Are Calling Out Matt James For Blocking Top Fan Accounts Who Criticize His Actions

The Bachelor franchise finally cast their first Black leadMatt James is the star for The Bachelor Season 25. However, now that he is in the spotlight, he’s receiving criticism about his actions. Instead of responding to the critics, James blocked their accounts.

'The Bachelor' stars Tyler Cameron and Matt James
‘The Bachelor’ stars Tyler Cameron and Matt James | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

‘The Bachelor’ star Matt James made headlines for partying during the coronavirus pandemic

Fans were outraged at James after seeing videos on social media of a pool party that he and Tyler Cameron were at over the weekend. The Florida Health Department is encouraging residents to avoid large crowds, stay six feet away from others, and wear a mask in public to prevent contracting or spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Has the quarantine crew become the COVID crew?” Lauren Zima asked on Entertainment Tonight via Reddit. “Tyler Cameron and his bestie — future Bachelor — Matt James are taking heat after it appears they were at a party over the weekend in Florida, a coronavirus hotspot. No one wearing a mask in sight.”

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James and Cameron were not following the coronavirus’s guidelines, and fans were quick to point it out. The future Bachelor might even have been the host of the party. 

“It does look like the same house where Matt did his interview with GMA, after being announced,” Zima continued. “So far, no comment from Matt or Tyler, and ABC reps haven’t commented.”

Matt James blocked fan accounts which shared the news of the future Bachelor’s pool party

Several fan accounts recorded the Entertainment Tonight news broadcast and posted it to their Instagram accounts. 

“Matt blocked one of the spoiler accounts that was calling him out,” one Reddit user wrote. “Also, any posts about the party have mysteriously disappeared from his tags. Is this his way of addressing the situation?”

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A few of the fan accounts that James blocked include Datacard Pod, Game of Roses Pod, Bachelor Clues, and Bachelor Tea Daily. While none of these accounts are verified brands or celebrities, they do have between two and 15 thousand followers.  

Reddit users have a message for Matt James and his role as ‘The Bachelor’ lead

“Welcome to Bachelor Nation, Matt,” one Redditor wrote. “You have all eyes on you. You will get criticized and called out sometimes. Fans keep an eye on everything. You can block as many accounts as you want, but that’s not going to change.”

The message received 1,000 points on Reddit in the first 24 hours. The point system is similar to giving “likes” on Instagram or Facebook. 


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“You know we’re in a crisis, and you haven’t done your part to help,” continued the fan. “You’ve actually been shameless about how little you care about this pandemic even though you’re in one of the biggest hot spots right now.”

Along with the points, many fans commented in agreement. Now that James is in the public spotlight, they would like him to set a better example.