‘The Bachelor’: Fans Compared Hannah and Peter to This Famous Movie Couple

If you’re still reeling from the season premiere of The Bachelor, you’re not alone. Forget the drama of contestants vying for Peter Weber’s heart. The moment of the night goes to Hannah “The Beast” Brown” for showing up and causing all sorts of emotional chaos. Since the 3-hour episode ended on a cliffhanger, fans are calling out Weber and Hannah B. for behavior that’s eerily similar to one famous movie couple.

Why did Hannah Brown disrupt Peter Weber’s chance at love?

Hannah Brown on 'The Bachelor'
Hannah Brown on ‘The Bachelor’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

It wouldn’t be The Bachelor without a little drama. This season, the most talked-about moment has nothing to do with a contestant’s back-home boyfriend or riots against Weber obtaining the Bachelor crown. Those are the usual standards for any season in the franchise.

This time around, it’s Hannah B.’s appearance not once, but twice, that has the women rattled. We don’t need to re-cap too much about the history between Weber and Hannah B., because it’s been well-documented.

But, for those who don’t understand exactly why Brown’s arrival on Weber’s love set is a major disruption, it’s because Weber was Hannah B.’s third choice during her reign as the Bachelorette.

Even after realizing the winner, Jed Wyatt, wasn’t the “one,” Hannah B. attempted another chance with the second runner-up, Tyler Cameron. Meanwhile, Weber dealt with his heartbreak the best way he knew how behind the scenes: he became the next Bachelor.

Whether Hannah B. stays or goes, the real question is why is she there knowing Weber is trying to move forward in a healthy and happy way? If it’s true love, maybe the two will find their way back to each other. Or, Hannah B. is another tool for showrunners to gather ratings with no concern over how it may affect a still-healing Weber.

Fans say Weber and Hannah B. remind them of this movie couple

Leave it to the internet to find the exact right comparison to all things celebrity and entertainment. Due to the dramatic conversations between Weber and Hannah B. at the tail end of the marathon premiere episode, it took only minutes for fans to catch the similarities to a famous movie couple.

Clearly, Weber and Hannah B. have taken a page straight out of the Nicholas Sparks novel-turned film, The Notebook, because the two sounded just like Noah and Allie, played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

“Hilarious and accurate,” one fan tweeted. “Exactly what I was thinking,” another said. “Omfg this is so painfully spot on I’m legit gonna put my phone down because I cannot deal.” another added.

The original tweet that shows Noah and Allie arguing about what Allie wants has 6,5000 likes and nearly 900 retweets so far.

We have to admit, the comparison is spot on. Considering Hannah B.’s confusing back-and-forth feelings for Weber, they couldn’t be more Noah and Allie than Gosling and McAdams themselves.

Will Weber and Hannah B. get back together after all?

At this point, there are two minds as to whether Weber and Hannah B. will get back together. One camp says Hannah B. should let Weber enjoy the process and give the other contestants a fair shot at falling in love.

However, others say the Delta pilot and “The Beast” should’ve been together all along. Hannah B. knows she made a mistake in letting Weber go but is it enough? Only time will tell. One thing’s for sure: this is bound to be “the most dramatic season of The Bachelor” yet.