‘The Bachelor’ Fans Still Have Major Feelings About Colton and Hannah G.

Hannah Godwin was a fan-favorite and major contender on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. The two had an undeniable connection before their heartbreaking split in Portugal. Hannah G. and all of us watching along at home were shocked when Colton decided to break up with Hannah G. and Tayshia Adams to go chase after Cassie Randolph. But he followed his heart and today Colton and Cassie seem very happy together.

Hannah G. and Colton | Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images
Hannah G. and Colton | Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images

That doesn’t mean that the internet is over Colton and Hannah G., though. Hannah G.’s Instagram is littered with fan comments about her time on the show and her relationship with Colton.

Here are some highlights.   

The fence photo

Under this photo that Hannah posted after the notorious fence episode aired, fans flocked to share how they really feel about the breakup.

“He and Cassie is never going to happen. She still can’t look him in the eyes and say I love you with all my heart and soul. She’s going to leave him at that altar or worse yet, marry and divorce him. You just never get over the kind of doubt she’s had from the beginning. They’re living on his intensity. He’s at fault, too. He keeps making the same mistake,” writes one fired-up Instagram user. “He feels unworthy and wants to convince someone who he knows doesn’t truly love him to be with him. They better get some serious couples therapy before they keep this going. Hannah, stay away from him. He rejected you for a woman who says she doesn’t love him? You deserve better. You’ll find it. God blessed you when he didn’t come after you.”

Other Instagrammers simply want to show their support.

“You are beautiful! Look forward to your next adventure! Best wishes! A Mississippi fan!!!” writes a commenter.

“I’m sooo sorry boo 💔,” posts another.

A few Cassie haters, naturally, show up on Hannah G.’s comments section.

“Cassie loves to wreck guys hearts. She did this on a Christian dating show. She’s very manipulative,” writes one Instagram user.

Hometown roses

Under the photo Hannah posted of herself, Tashia, and Chris Harrison, fans show their love for both women.

“You girls are awesome and deserve so much better. Sorry Colton treated you the way he did. Your better then that,” writes one commenter.

“The TOP 2 we DESERVED,” writes another.

“SAD and DISAPPOINTED that one of you guys aren’t the next bachelorette 😩,” posts another Instagram user.

“hard to see either of you not winning,” writes another user.

And, of course, Hannah G. gets a shout out for her rapping skills.

“Loved your rapping skillz! You deserve happiness girl! Good luck to you! Honestly, you were the only woman not involved in ANY drama this season! Props to you! Hannah G for Bachelorette!” writes a fan.

And one Bachelor fan just genuinely wants to check in.

“I hope Colton and Cassie are doing ok together, how are you? This had to be horrible.”

Hannah G. and Colton pose on their one-on-one

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issa date, like without other ppl woahhhh WUT

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The emotions are really flowing in the comments section of this photo.

“Hannah I really believe you and Colton will end up together. I know you probably still love him because your feelings for him were real. I hope life connect your paths again he deserves it and so do you,” writes one fan who hasn’t lost hope.

“Thought for sure it was gonna be you two in the end. Hate to see it end this way, but hope you find a man that is crazy about you in ways Colton couldn’t be. Such an upset for this season on the bachelor, Colton was stupid to walk away from you but that’s god’s way of telling you he’s opening doors for you the Colton wasn’t ready for!” writes another user.

And one fan just can’t bear to look anymore at what could have been.

“Please remove it ! Because it is hurt 😢”

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