‘The Bachelor’: Fans Think the Instagram Photos of Cassie Randolph and Her Sister Are ‘Weird’

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor was full of surprising twists and turns fans never expected. While there was no final rose ceremony (and Hannah G. as well as Tayshia were sent home heartbroken with little closure), Colton was ready to give up all other chances at love for contestant Cassie Randolph. And though she rejected him at first, the two were able to try things again — and now, they’re seemingly looking forward to an engagement in the near future.

Cassie has gotten a ton of attention since The Bachelor, and fans have paid particularly close attention to the relationship she has with her sister, Michelle. Here’s why some are calling their Instagram photos together “weird.”

Cassie and Michelle Randolph have an ultra-close relationship

Bachelor fans saw just how close Cassie and Michelle Randolph were when Colton came to visit Cassie’s hometown of Huntington Beach, and she talked at-length about how important her family was to her, too. Michelle is 21 years old, and Cassie is 23 — and in photos, they look like they could be twins. And them both being in their early 20s is far from the only thing they have in common, too. Michelle and Cassie were both on the reality show Young Once and attained minor fame through the series.

In addition to having many Instagram photos together, the two also have a YouTube channel that follows their antics called Double Mumble. And after Cassie’s time on The Bachelor, they’ve decided to start it up again and chronicle their recent move together to Los Angeles. “I think the reason we’re so close is ’cause our mom has two sisters and they’re all really close, so growing up we always wanted to be the close sisters, too” Michelle and Cassie say in the video.

Some fans think Cassie is trying to be more like Michelle

The Randolph sisters have plenty of fans, but it seems some think Michelle still overshadows Cassie despite Cassie’s longer stint on reality TV. While Cassie’s going to grad school to be a speech pathologist, Michelle is making it in the modeling and acting world. And many Instagram users seem to think Cassie is trying to follow in Michelle’s footsteps.

Fans were quick to comment negatively on this photo of Michelle and Cassie. Here, the sisters are dressed alike and look nearly identical — but fans weren’t impressed. “Does anybody else find the pictures of these two together a little weird,” one fan commented. And another added, “She seems more obsessed with her sister than her man.” Yet another one of Cassie’s followers chimed in with, “Her sister looks like a model she looks so desperate to look like her sister.”

Others have accused Cassie of using her reality TV stardom to launch her family to fame

Cassie may love Colton now, but her wishy-washy nature on the show deeply concerned many viewers. And it seems many Bachelor fans are still concerned that she doesn’t love Colton at all. Even ex-Bachelor star Ben Higgins had his doubts about Cassie when she and Colton got back together. While Ben now sees how perfect these two are for each other, not everyone’s on Cassie’s side — and when she posted this photo of her brother and sister, people took the comments section to accuse her of seeking fame instead of love.

“She makes it clear over and over again that she doesn’t really love colton. It’s all about using him for fame. Wish colton would realize it already and leave her,” said one fan. And on another photo of Cassie and Michelle, a fan commented, “I hope everyone stops following your fake stardom. Everyone knows you’re not in love. It’s all about fame for you. It’s sad.”

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