‘The Bachelor’: Fans Were Annoyed That Cassie Randolph Wasn’t Totally Honest About Her Job on the Show

It’s hard to believe The Bachelor has been on television for nearly two decades — and romantic hopefuls are still finding lasting love on the show after all these years, too. Most recently, Colton Underwood famously chased after contestant Cassie Randolph after she broke his heart and chose to leave the show behind. His pleading and persistence paid off, as the two are now together and planning an engagement. And many fans had a feeling right from the beginning that Cassie was going to capture Colton’s heart.

Cassie and Colton have plenty of fans, but it seems some are upset by the job title listed under Cassie’s name on the show. Here’s why the title was misleading and what she’s said about it since.

It said Cassie was a ‘speech pathologist’ on The Bachelor

Fans were first introduced to 23-year-old Cassie as a speech pathologist on The Bachelor — an impressive title for someone so young. Unfortunately, eagle-eyed fans had their doubts that she could achieve this title with her current experience level. We know shortly before The Bachelor, Cassie was on another reality TV show titled Young Once that chronicled her life at Biola University. She was attending Biola for communication sciences, Inquisitr notes — but she’d need grad school to become a full-blown speech pathologist.

After some backlash, Cassie took to Instagram to further explain that she’s not a speech pathologist yet. She’s actually a speech pathologist assistant and noted she had her first day of grad school classes back in January. She further noted in the post that she’ll be graduating in 2021 with the actual speech pathologist degree.

She said she was ‘encouraged’ to leave off the ‘assistant’ aspect of her job title

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph
Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph | Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2019/FilmMagic for ACM

So, why would Cassie lie about her title if it meant she’d be receiving some backlash? According to her Instagram post, ABC wanted her to leave out the “assistant” part of her title, so she did. “It was encouraged I leave off the word assistant for lack of confusion, but I do realize how much one word can mean. Sometimes in the moment, its easy to underestimate the impact of seemingly small details,” she wrote. “The LAST thing I want to do is minimize the work it takes to earn the title of a full fledged SLP or misrepresent myself.”

Some fans still weren’t pleased with her explanation, however. As one Instagram user wrote, “It’s very important that you do not represent yourself in the future. If you’re an intern, tell people. If you’re just out of you undergrad, don’t call yourself anything but a bachelor of… if you have your license as an assistant, say it and be proud. Never lie about what you are despite pressure.”

A famous fan called her out for getting sign language wrong on the show, too

It seems some fans didn’t just notice that her title was wrong — they also noticed that the sign language she used to initially woo Colton was wrong, too. Nyla DiMarco, a deaf activist and the winner of past seasons of Dancing with the Stars and America’s Next Top Model, took to Twitter to tell everyone just how wrong Cassie was on her first night in the house. “Endearing but this is what she actually signed,” he tweeted with corrections on Cassie’s signing.

Others seemed to agree with Nyle, too. “Yes I noticed the same thing when she tried to sign,” a fan replied to the tweet. “I have a deaf sister and I know sign language and that wasn’t it!! Get it correct before showing off.”

Even with the criticism over her sign language and incorrect job title, Cassie’s admitted her faults and hopes to learn from it all in the future. And overall, fans (and Colton) are rooting for her to complete her grad degree and do great things in her field.

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