‘The Bachelor’: Former Bachelorette Says of Pilot Pete’s Contestant Hannah Ann Sluss: ‘I Think She’s Been Coached’

Rachel Lindsay, the season 21 lead of The Bachelorette, was interviewed by a Bachelor recap podcast recently. She discussed Peter Weber’s current season of The Bachelor, along with his contestants. And, as we know, the cast on Pilot Pete’s season so far has been, well … tricky. Lindsay, always an opinionated Bachelor alum, had thoughts to share–especially about controversial season 24 contestant Hannah Ann Sluss. What did the former bachelorette accuse Sluss of doing in preparation for The Bachelor?

Rachel Lindsay
-Rachel Lindsay and Chris Harrison on “The Women Tell All” episode of The Bachelor | Michael Yada/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Rachel Lindsay says she thinks ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24 contestant Hannah Ann Sluss was ‘coached’

Lindsay recently talked to Juliet Litman, the Bachelor Party podcast host, about Weber’s Bachelor contestants. One, in particular, they had opinions on was Hannah Ann Sluss.

It has recently come out that Sluss is friends with another Hannah from the ABC reality dating show: Hannah Godwin. Godwin appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, and then she fell in love with Bachelorette alum Dylan Barbour on Bachelor in Paradise last summer.

“I think she’s been coached,” Lindsay said of Sluss, “because she’s friends with the other Hannah. So, she’s been told how to be.”

Hannah Ann and The Bachelor
Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber on The Bachelor | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

The former bachelorette seemed to think that Godwin told her how to act on The Bachelor. She didn’t like the results.

Sluss getting the first impression rose in the first episode changed things, the former ‘Bachelorette’ lead argues

“It comes off smug,” Lindsay said of Sluss’s performance on the show. However, Lindsay assumes it stems from Weber giving her that first rose on night one. (Get it? Stems? Roses? Roses have stems? Okay.)

“The first impression rose will do that for you,” Lindsay said of Sluss’s attitude. “Like, you know you have a lead or advantage. You know you’re going far.”

As it turns out, Sluss did make it far; as of tonight’s episode, she is one of Pilot Pete’s final four contestants.

Hannah Ann and Peter on The Bachelor
Hannah Ann Sluss after receiving the first impression rose on The Bachelor | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

But was this all a long-con? A branding strategy for her modeling career? Lindsay also pointed out that Sluss is very firm on people calling her Hannah Ann, not Hannah. Lindsay said she was even” instructed by the higher-ups on The Bachelor: “don’t say Hannah.”

“Just not to be confused with Hannah Brown?” Litman, the Bachelor Party host, asked. Lindsay said it wasn’t just that.

Lindsay says Sluss getting cast on Peter Weber’s season is about ‘branding’

“She apparently has said, ‘I want to be called Hannah Ann,’ which I think is to differentiate—” Lindsay began.

“[To] brand herself?” Litman offered.

“Exactly,” Lindsay responded.“The girl knows exactly what she’s doing.”

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This season on The Bachelor, all of the women do–or at least it seems that way. The contestants are constantly throwing around Bachelor cliches like “I’m not here to make friends,” accusing others of being here for the “wrong reasons,” and they look like they were raised on YouTube makeup tutorials. It’s like all of Weber’s contestants took a course on how to be the least authentic, most reality-TV version of yourself.

Hopefully, Pilot Pete makes it out of his season of The Bachelor alive. Sure–ideally, he falls in love, but we’ll be happy with his just his survival.