‘The Bachelor’: Hannah G. Doesn’t Blame Colton For Loving Someone Else, She Blames Him For This

Colton Underwood’s breakup with Hannah Godwin was one of the more dramatic scenes on this most recent season of The Bachelor, which is really saying a lot because it was an incredibly dramatic season.

Colton and Hannah G. | Rick Rowell via Getty Images
Colton and Hannah G. | Rick Rowell via Getty Images

Cassie Randolph decided to break up with Colton and leave the show. Colton responded by jumping an eight-foot fence and breaking up with the remaining two contestants (Tayshia Adams and Hannah G.) so that he could devote all of his attention to winning Cassie back.

It worked. He knocked on Cassie’s door and told her to forget about the pressures of the show and just take their relationship one day at a time. After a somewhat tense trip to meet Colton’s family and some clunky conversation about what each person wanted out of the relationship (Cassie wasn’t even sure she wanted to be in a relationship), the two decided to give it another go.

But in the midst of all the Cassie and Colton chaos, Hannah G., who thought from the beginning that she’d be awarded Colton’s final rose, got the short end of the stick (or, rose stem).

Hannah G. wishes Colton wouldn’t have been so all-in with her

Hannah G. said in a recent interview with Olivia Caridi on her podcast, Mouthing Off, that she just wishes she would have gotten some sort of hint from Colton that he wasn’t going to choose her at the end.  

“I just feel like I didn’t even get the chance to mess something up. I think, if I would have had more of a clear idea that it wasn’t me it would have been easier and not as much of a letdown. But, honestly, I just had no reason [to think] otherwise,” she said.

She went on to tell Olivia that watching the show back didn’t help clarify things for her. She still saw the connection she and Colton shared. And she was shocked to learn that he broke up with her for someone who had wanted to go home.  

“Watching it, seeing him want to chase somebody who was ready to go home–and yes there were other reasons–but I was just like ‘dude, do you not value where we stood?’ He has to follow his heart and it comes down to that. I’ve analyzed the heck out of this and, honestly, I think it might be as simply put as: he had to follow his heart and for some reason, something happened and he didn’t feel it with me anymore,” she said.

What Hannah G. thinks Colton could have done better in the breakup

Hannah G. was heartbroken by the way her relationship with Colton ended. Her main grievance was that he had repeatedly hinted that she would be his final choice. She wishes he would have left a little room for uncertainty. Another grievance? Sending her such mixed signals when he was breaking up with her.

“[The breakup made] me think he was going to chase me when he was like ‘I just don’t want to leave you. Like, I’m not happy right now. I don’t want to leave you. It doesn’t feel right.’ And I was like ‘then what are you doing?’ I’m confused. It was just kind of mixed signals,” she said. “It’s not like ‘ok I’m mad at you because you don’t love me.’ It can’t work like that, but I kept getting mixed signals when he was breaking up with me and that’s what threw me off.”

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