‘The Bachelor’: Hannah Brown Already Told Us What Happens Between Her and Peter Weber

Can you ever really get closure when it comes to an ex? All seeing someone who you used to be in love with does is bring all those old feelings back from the grave. Hannah Brown should have known that before she agreed to crash Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. But she returned to the show anyway, which resulted in one of the most emotionally taxing conversations a lead has ever had with an old girlfriend on camera.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

At the end of the episode, Weber asked Brown if she would consider coming back on the show and joining the rest of the girls fighting for him this season. Since then, fans have been trying to figure out what happens next. Does Brown stay, does she go?

Well, the former beauty queen actually already answered that question.

Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelorette’

We first met Weber when he was competing for Brown’s heart on The Bachelorette. The two had an instant connection and Weber flew threw most of the weeks on the show without an issue. He made it to the final three before Brown sent him home.

Peter and Hannah’s emotional conversation

When Brown got out of the limo on that first night, she planned on dropping in and basically wishing Weber good luck. But after seeing him, she got emotional.

“Even though that convo wasn’t planned, it needed to happen and the hardest part for me was just struggling with the fact that I knew I had amazing women that just showed up,” Weber told reporters at ABC’s TCA presentation. “I still didn’t have any feelings yet for anyone. It was too soon to really have any legit connection. So it was awkward, it was uncomfortable, but it needed to happen. And I was very lucky that the women were understanding. So, had to happen.”

“That was just really real raw convo that had to happen with us and really emotional. It brought back feelings and I couldn’t hide those,” Weber continued. “So you guys will see what happens next. But it obviously wasn’t over yet.”

Hannah Brown already revealed what happened

As we know, Brown competed on Dancing with the Stars, which filmed at the same time as The Bachelor. So, juggling two shows would have been insanely difficult.

“I feel like if we put two and two together, like, I worked my a– off to win that Mirror Ball,” she told Entertainment Tonight after DWTS was over. “I was in the studio eight hours a day. You should do the math and watch in January.”

And if you do a little more sleuthing, you’ll find that Brown wrote an extremely emotional post for Bustle the week she saw Weber about how she was feeling.

“I have a lot of mind-fog from the stuff emotionally that I haven’t had time to deal with, and it’s decided to come out this week,” she wrote. “I think what it’s coming down to is I feel like I’ve made a lot of decisions that I shouldn’t have trusted in the past year. That’s the raincloud over all this. Because of that, it’s manifesting in dance. I don’t trust myself to just take a step. I don’t trust myself to make decisions right now, because a lot of the decisions I made the past year, were they the best? I don’t know. I was having that a-ha moment that trust is not something that I really have right now, at all. For other people, or for myself. It was a heavy day.”

So, though the emotions between Weber and Brown seemed completely real, it doesn’t look like Brown will be accepting any roses this season.