‘The Bachelor’: Hannah Brown Confirms She’s Single Right Now

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor began with some unfinished Hannah Brown business.

Hannah Brown | Raymond Hall/GC Images
Hannah Brown | Raymond Hall/GC Images

Brown had planned to lead a group date when Weber found her backstage crying. The two had an emotional conversation about how they felt about each other and what they should do moving forward.

Weber told her he was upset she asked Tyler Cameron out for a drink instead of him. She told him she only did because he’d been reaching out to her and she thought Weber wanted to be the bachelor. Brown asked Weber to “catch a flight” with her and he considered it. But, ultimately, the bachelor decided to say goodbye to Brown and go back to “the girls.”

How Bachelor Nation feels about Hannah Brown and Peter Weber

After the episode aired, some fans felt strongly that Weber and Brown belong together.

“hannah and peter are forever,” wrote one fan on an Instagram post of Chris Harrison’s.

“LOVED IT and was so sad!! They are still so into each other and belong together ❤️” wrote another.

“High key want them together ❤️” wrote another.

“YES YES YES🙌 I love Hannah and I think she genuinely felt heartbroken in the wya things were left and that she did not end up with Peter. Life gives you many, many chances, so please stop saying she already had her chance. 👏 people can change and take control of their own lives,” commented another Instagram user.

“❤️ Them I wished they would just get together and get married and have babies 👶” commented another.

“Hannah and Peter forever 😩” commented another fan.

Of course, plenty of other fans weren’t happy to see Brown on their screens once again. They felt Brown had her chance with Weber and that she should let him move on.

“Hannah brown had her chance and her season! Let peter live!” tweeted one fan.

Hannah Brown is single

Some of Bachelor Nation was hoping Brown and Weber would end up together in the end, even after they parted ways in episode two. Some fans believe Peter’s mom is telling him to “bring [Hannah Brown] home” in that highly emotional preview fans are eating up.

But Brown recently did an Instagram live where she said she was single.

“Am I dating anyone? Nope,” Brown replied to a question on the Live.

This isn’t the first time Brown’s hinted at the notion that she and Weber don’t end up together. When she shared her 2020 goals on Instagram at the end of December, she wrote she wants to find “the real kind” of love.

“LOVE,” she wrote as one of her 2020 goals. “I still want it. The real kind.”

So it’s looking like Weber and Brown don’t end up together, despite some of Bachelor Nation’s wishes. But if Weber ends his season single, who knows what could happen down the road.

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