‘The Bachelor’: Hannah Brown Reveals Where Things Stand Between Her and Peter Weber

Bachelor nation seems to be going through Hannah Brown fatigue. Though fans ultimately want Brown to find love, they are kind of tired of hearing about it. When the former beauty queen crashed Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, people were excited to see where things went between the two. But their emotional conversation ended up taking over the first two episodes of the season and ultimately resulted in nothing happening.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

While the previews for the rest of the season are still teasing a possible Brown return, fans are getting skeptical as to whether anything is actually still going on between Brown and Weber.

What happened between Peter Weber and Hannah Brown?

Weber met Brown when he competed for her heart on The Bachelorette. Ultimately, she chose Jed Wyatt who ended up breaking her heart. When her relationship with Wyatt didn’t work out, Brown asked out her runner-up Tyler Cameron, which made Weber think that things were completely done with him and Brown.

“If she would have [asked me out], I would have said yes and I probably would not have been the Bachelor,” Weber told Entertainment Tonight.

And even Brown regrets not asking Weber out.

“It would have been different if I would have asked him out,” she said. “Right now, I think I’m in a great spot and I’m just trying to move forward.”

When Brown returned to The Bachelor and admitted that she had feelings for Weber, he thought about taking her back.

“I definitely considered [quitting the show] in that moment,” he said. “I know that sounds absolutely crazy insane, but… I told everyone from the very beginning I was going to be raw, be myself and do what I had to do in that moment.”

Why didn’t Brown join Peter Weber’s season?

Brown didn’t plan on professing her love for Weber when she went on the show.

“I truly wanted to be there, do my job of hosting [the date], and I just had a vulnerable moment and I mean, I pride myself sometimes for being honest to a fault, but if I get asked questions about how I feel, I’m going to say what’s really truthful,” she told the outlet. “I think especially in that situation, you deserve honest answers when you’re putting your life on the line and figuring out your relationship. So it was a very hard conversation to then go back to learning a Rumba.”

In the end, Weber did not want to give up the opportunity to be the Bachelor so he invited Brown to join and compete with the rest of the women. But she said no.

“I couldn’t understand the logistics of it,” she said of how she would have integrated into the season. “I’m much more of a realist in that way, of like, ‘Eh.’ I wanted to do something for myself and move forward and I wanted to do my very best on Dancing With the Stars, and I didn’t want to let that opportunity go.”

“But of course there was obviously still feelings there and it was hard,” she continued. “But also — I don’t know if I could move back in with [the other women] … it’s like a mansion, but I call it a peasant house because you literally are just a bunch of girls in two bathrooms. It’s hard. I don’t want to deal with all the girls.”

Where do things stand between Hannah Brown and Peter Weber?

What everyone wants to know is what’s going on between Weber and Brown now.

The former Bachelorette has been pretty tight-lipped about her relationship with Weber but said she will always “care for him deeply.” 

“I mean, they keep teasing [I might show up again on The Bachelor]. You’ll have to keep watching,” she said.