‘The Bachelor’: Hannah G. Does Have An Opinion On The ‘Right Reasons’ Drama

Major contender and fan-favorite of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, Hannah Godwin, was known for staying out of mansion drama. And there was a lot of drama. Before the woman he loved broke up with him before their fantasy suite date, Colton was hugely concerned with which of his contestants were there “for the right reasons.”

Hannah Godwin | Jeff Kravitz/2019 iHeartMedia
Hannah Godwin | Jeff Kravitz/2019 iHeartMedia

It was the phrase of the season: “here for the right reasons.” Colton was so concerned with the subject that he went so far as to individually interrogate some of the women for inside information. Whether he was successful in his questioning is up to the viewer (he still ended up with a woman who wasn’t ready for marriage–at one point, she even told Colton she wasn’t sure if she was ready for a boyfriend).

Hannah G. wanted to share her opinion but ‘The Bachelor’ didn’t air it

Throughout all of this drama, Hannah G. kept relatively quiet. Or so we thought. In a recent interview with former Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi on her podcast, Mouthing Off, Hannah G. told Olivia that she actually did have an opinion on the matter, it’s just that none of her interviews or conversations about it were aired.

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don’t worry y’all I got it!!

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“It’s not that I’m too scared to speak up or anything. It would just be like, a lot of the time, so many strong personalities would take over anyways so I would say something and I guess they just wouldn’t air it. I think there were just definitely a few chats that I had with girls where I thought they would be on there but they weren’t,” she told Olivia.

She even tried to discuss the drama with Colton

She went on to tell Olivia that she couldn’t help but be involved because of her friendships with Hannah B., Tayshia, and Kirpa, who were some of the main accusers.

She even tried to bring up her feelings on the matter to Colton, but he quickly shut down the conversation because he just wanted to spend some quality time with her.   

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issa date, like without other ppl woahhhh WUT

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“I  tried to bring it up to Colton in Colorado but none of that was shown–I didn’t matter that day. But I was like ‘hey I just want to talk about this whole crazy thing that’s been going on this week–the ‘right reasons’ thing,’ and he literally stopped and he was like ‘I know it’s not you let’s just talk about something else’ and I was like ‘ok,’ but I was gonna try to put my stance in and be like ‘listen to things but also have your own opinion but also there’s a big majority rule kind of thing,’” she said.    

Hannah G. on being on ‘The Bachelor’ for the right reasons

Olivia brought up that it’s not uncommon for women to go on The Bachelor in hopes of becoming an influencer.

It’s the whole right reasons thing, you know. I know for me I was lucky enough to catch feelings. I caught ‘em, I caught ‘em,” replied Hannah, acknowledging the particularly tricky situation women who go on the show find themselves in when they just don’t feel a spark with the star. Do they stay on as long as they can to rake in that influencer money? Or leave prematurely. Hannah got lucky, but who of the women didn’t?

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