‘The Bachelor’: Hannah G. is More Than an Influencer

Hannah G. was an early fan-favorite on Colton’s season of The Bachelor. From the moment the two met, they had incredible chemistry and we at home thought Hannah G. was the surefire winner of the season.

Several twists and turns later, Colton broke up with Hannah in Portugal before their fantasy suite date in order to go after Cassie, who had dumped him the evening prior. Hannah was devastated and everyone watching along at home with absolutely shocked.

Hannah G. | Rick Rowell via Getty Images
Hannah G. | Rick Rowell via Getty Images

Today, Cassie and Colton are very happy and in love with one another, and Hannah is healing.

Heartbreak takes time but Hannah recently told Vulture that distraction helps. One of Hannah’s biggest distractions? Diving back into work.

What does Hannah G. do for work?

Her Bachelor job description read: content creator, and by the looks of her Instagram page, create content she does. Hannah’s page (with one million followers) includes various shots of her modeling, eating, and visiting beautiful places. She’s what you’d call an influencer, and she has the schooling to back it up.  

Hannah told Vulture that she’s more than “just an influencer and a model.”    

“A lot of people are like, Does this mean you’re just an influencer and a model? I put that as my [Bachelor] description because it really is broad. I have a background in photography, so sometimes companies reach out to me to take photos or create content for their social campaigns, and I’ll design that. But I also do it for myself for social media. Modeling plays a part in creating stuff, too. Being a creator as a whole is my jam. I’ve been really lucky I’ve been able to do it for myself and not just having to do it for another company,” she told the publication.

How does she remain authentic?

During Colton’s season, Hannah was seen as one of the more down-to-earth contestants (an atypical influencer quality). She says she keeps her work authentic by only working with brands that she genuinely likes.  

“It’s as simple as only incorporating brands and products that I actually, truly love. That’s where I stay true to myself. I studied marketing and I have my degree in marketing. I know how important it is to keep up brand loyalty. With all of these new eyeballs on me, they all deserve to know how I truly feel about products and things like that,” she told Vulture. “There’s definitely a stigma along the lines of, Oh, you’ve been on the show and you get your followers. I just love being creative in any way I can. I did stuff for other companies without my face being attached to it, just because [it’s] something I’m passionate about. I love talking about things I love!”

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