‘The Bachelor’: Hannah G. Reveals How She Stayed Out of Mansion Drama

The Bachelor wouldn’t be The Bachelor without a healthy dose of drama. When you have thirty people all competing for the same love interest, things can get… tense.

But there are always one or two contestants in each season who know how successfully, gracefully skirt around the drama surrounding them. Fan-favorite Hannah G. of Colton’s season was one of those people.

She was a strong contender for Colton’s heart, many thought she’d be awarded the final rose, and, even so, she successfully kept out of any and all drama that went on in the Bachelor mansion.

Colton Underwood and his contestants | Rick Rowell via Getty Images
Colton Underwood and his contestants | Rick Rowell via Getty Images

Hannah G. recently told Vulture that her secret to staying out of drama was just concentrating on her and Colton’s relationship.     

“With the drama and everything, I made my relationship with Colton my one and only priority. I tried to stay in my own lane and not get caught up in distractions when I was working on my relationship,” she said.

How Hannah G. stayed out of the “here for the right reasons” drama

One of the biggest issues that kept coming up for Colton was whether all of the contestants were on the show “for the right reasons.” When Katie left, she told Colton to keep an eye out for who’s intentions were pure of the women who remained.

Here’s how Hannah G. stayed out of it:

“I really tried not to focus on who was there for “right” or “wrong” reasons. I was focusing on myself. But when Katie left and warned Colton, I don’t think she was saying it as, Hey, these people are here for the wrong reasons. I think she was basically saying, Hey, make sure you know these people well, because maybe their actions have been different from their words. Was I there for any of these conversations? No. Did I care that much? No,” she told Vulture.

She kept that mentality for much of the show. She realized that The Bachelor would be a better experience for her if she focused on hanging out with her new friends and not stirring the pot

“I tried to swerve it as much as I could. I think I did okay and I came out with good relationships with a lot of the women on the show, so that was nice, too. I would wake up every morning and be like, What’s going to make me happier today, causing drama or making fun memories and focusing on me and Colton? I went with whatever made me happiest and that meant not talking smack,” she said.

Who Hannah G.’s still friends with

When you don’t start any drama on The Bachelor, you can walk away with a group of life-long friends.

“I’m close with a lot of the women. I love Katie, Demi, Heather, Hannah B., and Kirpa. They’re all so different, personality-wise, so I have different threads with each of them. It’s funny that I’m sitting in a spot where I’m friends with somebody who also dated the same dude that I did, but here I am. We’re all still friends!” she said.

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