‘The Bachelor’: How Fans Really Feel About Cassie Randolph Posting Her Christian Views on Instagram

It seems like a lifetime ago that Colton Underwood was jumping fences and confessing his love to Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor. Now, we know the two lovebirds are as happy as can be, and they’ve even started discussing a possible engagement in the future. And Cassie has gained quite a following, too. Thanks to her warm and relatable personality, she has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram who can’t wait to see what she’s posting next.

Recently, she posted something a bit personal to the ‘gram — and it was all about her relationship with her faith. Here’s how fans really felt about her putting her Christianity out there for all to see.

Cassie Randolph started her career with the Christian TV show Young Once

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Cassie looked ultra-familiar to many when she was on The Bachelor, and that’s because it wasn’t her first go-round with reality TV. Before Bachelor fame, Cassie was on the reality series Young Once, and it chronicled her life while she attended the ultra-Christian Biola University. Young Once followed Cassie’s relationship with now-ex-boyfriend Caelan as the two pursued their on-again, off-again romance while also navigating societal pressures and attending a conservative school.

Medium reports in Young Once, Cassie shared how she feels about her religious values during an interview. “I think it’s really sad that young people aren’t as involved in their faith,” she said. “A lot of people just say they’ll worry about it later, but in the grand scheme of things, really the only thing that matters is your faith.”

She recently posted about her faith on Instagram, too

We may not have heard too much about Cassie’s religious values on The Bachelor, but she’s posted about her faith on her Instagram. Recently, she added a photo of herself with a caption all about her love of God. ” Either way, God has blessed us all with both small and big things, and I’m feeling like I need to start being extra grateful for every little thing in between. Life is crazy, but God is so good,” she wrote.

The sweet sentiment may have some wondering if Colton shares the same values as Cassie, too. And according to Bachelor host Chris Harrison, Colton also has strong religious beliefs. As Harrison told Entertainment Tonight, part of the reason Colton kept his virginity for so long was because of his strong faith. And while Colton maintained that he wasn’t specifically waiting for marriage, he definitely was waiting until he was totally in love, which may have been influenced by his religion.

Here’s what fans think

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph
Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph | Randy Holmes/Getty Images

So, are fans supportive of Cassie’s religious posts, or would they rather see different content from the star? Judging from fan reactions on her post, it seems they’re loving seeing this side of her on social media. “Love that you’re going public with your faith. Jesus is a name to be shouted, no matter the following that’s lost,” one follower commented. And another wrote, “God is good all the time! So happy Colton found someone who loves the Lord.” Yet another wrote, “Amen!! Love that you’re not ashamed to share your faith.”

If Cassie reads her Instagram comments, perhaps this will clue her in that fans want to see more of this type of content from her rather than her sponsored posts. Her fans recently slammed her for posting about skin care, as they’d much rather see the “real” Cassie that’s under the social media facade.

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