‘The Bachelor’: How Nick Viall Really Feels About Peter Weber’s Final Three

Former bachelor Nick Viall recently had Peter Weber on his podcast, The Viall Files, where they discussed the pilot’s season and past relationships. Viall weighed in with his thoughts concerning Weber’s final women. Here’s what he thinks of the bachelor’s top three.

Nick Viall | Emma McIntyre/WireImage
Nick Viall | Emma McIntyre/WireImage

Madison Prewett

Viall says Madison Prewett is one of his “top two” for Weber (at least, that’s what he said when this podcast aired just before hometowns–so he’s not taking into consideration the fantasy suites preview).

“Early on, there seemed to be the most natural connection with Madison. It was so early and every time you were with Madison you just wanted to like chill with Madison because you were dealing with so much stress. Early on, it felt you could be yourself around Madison and you didn’t feel like you had to be the bachelor. So I think there’s a strong connection there,” he said.

However, Viall is a bit critical of Madison because he feels she should have “owned up to” the incident with her fan account.

Additionally, he feels she’s “a little too nice.”

“My favorite part of Madison so far is the four seconds where she looks super pissed she tied in a football game. I want the unflattering side of Madison. […] Sometimes Madison is a little too nice. I want to see that other side,” he said.

Hannah Ann Sluss

Hannah Ann Sluss is also in Viall’s top two. In fact, he feels Hannah Ann is the season winner.

“I think you pick Hannah Ann. Hannah Ann, I like that she showed bite early on. Everyone thought episode one or two she was the villain of the season. I was like, ‘Chill out.’ But at least that showed that side of her,” he said.

Viall feels Hannah Ann has the qualities Weber’s looking for.

“If I had to guess, I’m gonna say Hannah Ann. You mentioned that she is the most goofy and playful. I’ve seen the most layers from her. I think you’re very physically attracted to her. And I think you eventually get her to open up and she starts to give you the words of affirmation you need.

Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller has been a controversial contestant throughout Weber’s season. Viall says, ultimately, he feels Victoria F. doesn’t communicate the way Weber needs her to.

“Victoria F., I think you need those words of affirmation and she doesn’t seem to be very good at doing that,” he said.

The former bachelor spoke about how the medical sales representative isn’t “good in the moment about processing her emotions.”

“It takes her some time. What she seems like maybe is someone who has realized that about herself. I think they actually did her a favor by airing–you didn’t really see her but you heard her saying it–‘I don’t know why I do this. He doesn’t deserve this.’ I think they did her a favor by showing that because it at least showed a self-awareness. And I’m just guessing here, neither of them are ideal but if the alternative of just getting up and removing yourself from the situation you don’t know how to be poised in is to fight back and get defensive and potentially be mean, and I’ve dated people like that, I think it’s a mature thing to know, ‘I just need a moment.’ Do I think that’s ideal and do I think that’s what you like to see per say? No,” he said.

Remember, this episode of The Viall Files aired just before hometowns, so the former bachelor hadn’t seen the drama with Victoria F. and Weber’s ex. Even still, at the time, he said, “I don’t think you end up with Victoria F.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Viall is correct in his guesses. Right now, Hannah Ann is looking like a pretty safe bet.

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