‘The Bachelor’: Inside Hannah G.’s Love for Photography

Hannah G. was a fan-favorite on Colton’s season of The Bachelor. When Colton broke up with her to chase after Cassie, fans were shocked and touched for Hannah G., especially after her heartbreaking interview with Chris Harrison during the season’s two-part finale.

Hannah Godwin | Jeff Kravitz/2019 iHeartMedia
Hannah Godwin | Jeff Kravitz/2019 iHeartMedia

Since the show ended, Hannah G.’s given several interviews, gained thousands of followers on Instagram, and was considered for the role of Bachelorette before Hannah B. was decided on. We’re hoping to see her on Paradise, but, in the meantime, America can’t get enough of this blue-eyed, blonde-haired, sweet little southern rap star.

How Hannah G. started taking photographs

In addition to being a model and influencer, Hannah G. is passionate about photography. She even went to school for the art before she changed her major to business management. It’s not often that models feel comfortable on both sides of the camera, but Hannah believes her understanding of both the modeling and photography side of the business is what makes her good at what she does.

She writes on her personal website about doing a lot of unpaid photo shoots because she enjoyed the process and needed the practice.  

“In between all of these shoots, one huge part that I loved/craved was getting in practice shoots (unpaid mainly). I wanted to add anything and everything to my portfolio and it was so fun for me to create- this was before Instagram was even really a thing. With a background in photography, I would spend every weekend either behind the camera or in front of it. I simply just wanted to take pics, then when Instagram got big it just worked out that I was already taking tons of content for funzies!”

She goes on to talk about how she went after both her modeling and photography passions in the midst of her busy college schedule.  

“With all of the shoots I was doing came more and more connections, magazines/styled shoots/and more were asking to work with me… and even with college, sorority stuff, internships, AND work, I was dedicated so I made it happen.”

Practice makes perfect

Hannah G. also writes on her website about how much she enjoys the process of practicing.

“They say practice makes perfect & I beleive in it! If you have a passion, then every single moment you have you should be working towards it. Some people get lucky and things like this are just placed in their lap, but not for me! Working my a$$ off didn’t even feel like a chore because I was so passionate about it.”

Today, Hannah says she’s so thankful for the rise of social media because it gives her a platform to combine all of her interests.

“It’s really random (but awesome) that all of these interests of mine have been able to morph into the social media world, too! Honestly, most of the time I’m just winging it & doing things/posting things that I like. I’m constantly wanting to learn more about it all… but having fun with it is a good start- that’s really what all of this is about, right?”

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