‘The Bachelor’: Is Caelynn Miller-Keyes Trying to Steal Colton Underwood Back?

There are plenty of surprising seasons of The Bachelor, and Colton Underwood’s didn’t disappoint. While he started the season looking forward to meeting plenty of new ladies, only one truly captured his heart — and that was Cassie Randolph. Colton jumped a fence and skipped the final rose ceremony all to garner her love after she broke up with him, and in the end, he got his girl.

Unfortunately, some of the girls were left incredibly heartbroken while Colton was left swooning. And Caelynn Miller-Keyes, a frontrunner for much of the season, was shocked when she didn’t receive a rose. Here’s why some suspect she’s now trying to steal him back after being rejected.

Caelynn has stated before that she’s not over Colton

Caelynn allowed Colton to meet her family, and she stated multiple times on the show that she was falling hard and fast in love. Unfortunately, she was totally blindsided when Colton chose to give a rose to her best friend in the house, Cassie, over her. On the way out the door, Caelynn even whispered, “Get engaged,” to Cassie as her final send-off.

Heartbreak takes times to get over, and it seems Caelynn is still working out her feelings about the situation, too. In March, she recently told People, “I’m not fully over it. I’m still processing the heartbreak.” And she’s also stated that watching the season back makes her feel “very lonely,” though she is happy Colton didn’t take her to the fantasy suites date if he knew she wasn’t winning his heart in the end. And though she’s hurt, she still states that she wishes him the best. As she told People, “He’s such a great guy and I want him to find his person.” It may be notable she didn’t mention Cassie in the equation, however.

She’s even said she’s surprised Colton picked Cassie over her

Judging from social media, Cassie and Caelynn are still best friends despite Cassie winning Colton over. The two appeared to be inseparable on The Bachelor and then stayed close after all was said and done. And while Caelynn is certainly happy for her friend, she did mention something that raised a few red flags for Bachelor fans during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

After the Woman Tell All special, Us Weekly reports ET caught up with Caelynn when she mentioned she was “surprised” to have gone home over Cassie. “And so, she didn’t really talk that much about her relationship, but she did say that, you know, we both kind of felt that my relationship was a little more further advanced than hers,” Caelynn said. “So I was surprised that I was sent home and not her.” The Miss USA runner-up then mentioned that she’s able to separate her friendship from Cassie from anything to do with Colton, however, and that’s how they’ve managed to stay friends. Some fans of the show may have some doubts about Caelynn’s sincerity now, however.

She’s stayed ultra-close to Cassie and lives in the same building

Not only is Caelynn emotionally close with Cassie, but the two have also closed any physical distance between them. Cassie recently announced on Instagram that she was moving out of Huntington Beach to be closer with Colton. Not only that, but in the same post, she announced she was moving into the same apartment building as Caelynn. Caelynn also commented that she “can’t wait” for them to be closer, too.

Fans are getting suspicious as to why Cassie and Caelynn are now so close. As one Instagram user commented, “Some advice from the older and wiser- spend more time with Colton than Caelynn.” Another tagged their friend and added, “can you please text @caelynnmillerkeyes and tell her to go back to North Carolina and play dress up, or move to another building at Alcatraz, or stay far away from Colton, and Cassie too.”

Is Caelynn really staying close to Cassie to try and get back with Colton? Fans hope her intentions are pure — but some of the evidence points to the opposite.

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