‘The Bachelor’: Is Cassie Randolph Outshone by Her Famous Sister?

No one expected Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor to be as eventful as it was, but it surely didn’t disappoint. It all began with a number of beautiful ladies vying for Colton’s heart — but in the end, the star of the show only had eyes for one woman. While many contestants warned Colton that Cassie Randolph wasn’t ready for marriage (in the end, they were right), he still couldn’t be persuaded, as he fell deeply in love with her. And while there relationship seemed uncertain at times, they’re now taking things slow and appear happier than ever.

While Cassie has certainly brought a lot of attention to her family, it seems she’s not the only Randolph in the spotlight. Is her sister even more popular than she is? Here’s what we think.

Cassie Randolph is gaining a ton of attention from The Bachelor

She’s beautiful, blonde, seemingly hard-working, and from beautiful Huntington Beach — but there’s more to Cassie than meets the eye. Marie Claire reminds us she went on the show as a speech assistant and is going to grad school for speech pathology. She also comes from a very active family and seems to be quite the surfer. We remember when she brought Colton to her hometown to surf together, and Cassie was successful while Colton was not.

Cassie is certainly gaining a ton of attention for winning Colton’s heart but waiting on engagement at the end, but Marie Claire also notes this isn’t the first time we’ve seen her on TV. She appeared on Young Once, a Christian reality TV show that captured her life as she was attending Biola University in California. The docuseries certainly didn’t bring her the same attention as The Bachelor did, but fans definitely noticed she was on the show, as the second season of Young Once aired at the same time as The Bachelor. It’s also worth noting her younger sister, Michelle, was featured on Young Once, too.

Cassie’s sister, Michelle, was famous before her

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Aside from appearing on Young Once along with Cassie, it seems Michelle Randolph has quite the following of her own. On Instagram alone she has 330,000 followers — and while it doesn’t hold a candle to Cassie (she has 1.6 million), it seems like she could have been the more popular sister prior to Cassie’s Bachelor fame. YourTango notes Michelle is an actress and has been part of productions like A Snow White Christmas and House of the Witch. And it seems the blonde beauty is also a model, as she has plenty of modeling photos on her Instagram and is evidently represented by the agency Wilhelmina LA.

We all know who Cassie is dating now — but it turns out Michelle’s dating someone perhaps even more well-known. YourTango reminds us Michelle’s with Gregg Sulkin, an actor who attained fame for Disney productions like Wizards of Waverly Place and As the Bell Rings. Michelle’s successful career and relationship with Gregg could actually be catapulting her to even more fame than older sister Cassie.

Is there any competition between the sisters?

There’s no doubt Michelle is doing well for herself without The Bachelor attention. As for if she’s outshining Cassie, we doubt that’s happening, as they seem to have an ultra-close relationship. If anything, the two sisters are ultra-supportive of their family’s success, and they’ll continue to promote each other on social media, too. We’ve seen plenty of photos of both Cassie and Michelle together on Instagram, and fans can tell their relationship is completely authentic.

Heavy reminds us Michelle and Cassie used to have their own YouTube channel called “Double Mumble,” too. The account is reportedly no longer up and running, but clips of the two having a blast together still exist. Fans of the Randolph family hope perhaps we’ll see more videos of them having a blast together, too.

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