‘The Bachelor’: Is Cassie Randolph’s Rant About Stagecoach Festival Insensitive to Caelynn Miller-Keyes?

It’s hard to keep up with all the drama that’s occurred on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise these days. On the last season of The Bachelor, we recall Colton Underwood fighting for Cassie Randolph’s love — and while the two aren’t yet engaged, they are still together. That’s not the only relationship to come out of the show, either. Many lasting friendships were formed, too. While Caelynn Miller-Keyes was falling in love with Underwood and felt blindsided when she was sent home, she became quite close with Randolph and still maintains a tight friendship with her.

Nowadays, Randolph and Miller-Keyes live in the same apartment building, and they both post photos with each other all the time. And Randolph just posted an Instagram Story about her love of Stagecoach Festival — but could it be perceived as insensitive to her best friend, Miller-Keyes? Here’s why it’s possible.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes had major drama at the last Stagecoach Festival

On this past season of Bachelor in Paradise, viewers saw major drama surrounding Caelynn Miller-Keyes and fellow contestant Blake Horstmann. People reminds us Horstmann had romantic relations with Kristina Schulman and Miller-Keyes on back-to-back nights while at Stagecoach Festival prior to arriving in Paradise. And Miller-Keyes alleged that she and Horstmann had a serious connection prior to the show and that they discussed skipping Paradise altogether to be a couple. While Horstmann admits he and Miller-Keyes hooked up, he noted he and Miller-Keyes were never as serious as she claims.

“It looks like [Caelynn and I] slept together and I bolted. And that wasn’t what happened. Sometimes you try to do the right thing — I didn’t want to disrespect Caelynn, I didn’t want to disrespect Kristina. Man, this is bad. I look like the worst human in the world,” Horstmann told the BiP cameras. After that, Horstmann also released private texts between him and Miller-Keyes to prove himself right, which also came with backlash for both of them.

Cassie Randolph went off about how she can’t wait to go back on her Instagram Story

Cassie Randolph's Instagram Story about Stagecoach
Cassie Randolph’s Instagram Story about Stagecoach | Cassie Randolph via Instagram Story

All of Miller-Keyes’ drama started at Stagecoach — but when it comes to Cassie Randolph, she has nothing but good things to say regarding the festival. Randolph recently took to her Instagram Story to share how excited she is that the Stagecoach lineup for 2020 is already out — and she also mentioned that she’s been going to Stagecoach for far longer than many might think.

“I’ve been going for the past five years with my family, so long before the whole Bachelor Nation, everyone in Bachelor Nation goes to Stagecoach thing started happening,” Randolph said in her story. “I’m an OG Stagecoach-er, just to make that clear, let everyone know. I’m excited, I can’t wait, the lineup looks great, only gotta wait, like, six more months, we got this.” After confessing her love for the festival, Randolph then added clips from her previous years at Stagecoach.

Is Randolph’s Story insensitive to Miller-Keyes?

(L-R) Cassie Randolph, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Shawna Della-Ricca, Lauren Elizabeth, and Michelle Randolph
(L-R) Cassie Randolph, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Shawna Della-Ricca, Lauren Elizabeth, and Michelle Randolph attend boohoo x Caelynn Beachside Brunch | Presley Ann/Getty Images for boohoo.com

It’s clear Randolph loves Stagecoach, but considering how much drama surrounds the event due to what happened with Miller-Keyes, Randolph’s Instagram Story could be seen as insensitive. So, will Miller-Keyes feel hurt by what Randolph posted? While Miller-Keyes had a tough time at the last festival, we doubt she’ll hold anything against Randolph. In a recent interview with Access, Miller-Keyes mentioned that she’d actually go back if boyfriend Dean Unglert wanted to go. “If Dean wants to go to Stagecoach, let’s go to Stagecoach — I mean, why not? I had a great time last year minus the drama surrounding it.”

Perhaps Randolph and Miller-Keyes have already discussed going together this year, too — we’re not sure. But it looks like there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing both ladies and their boyfriends there, as well as many other Bachelor Nation favorites.

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