‘The Bachelor’ Is Taking Peter Weber to Places He Never Even Flew as a Pilot

After a disappointment at the end of The Bachelorette, Peter Weber is getting his second shot at love as The Bachelor himself. It’s only week two, but audiences are rooting for him to see who gets his final rose. Since Weber is a pilot, The Bachelor is doing a lot of aviation-themed activities, on top of the usual Bachelor travel.

Peter Weber | ABC/John Fleenor

Weber spoke with the Television Critics Association on January 8 after his first episode aired. He teased a little bit about what to expect this season, including some flying-specific tidbits. The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

‘The Bachelor’ helped Peter Weber complete his bucket list

Peter Weber has flown to lots of exotic locations as a pilot. The Bachelor sent him to the rest.

“The travel this season is amazing,” Weber said. “You guys will love the places. I can’t tell the places yet. Some of the places got me in touch with my roots. Some places were places I’d always wanted to go to, truly always wanted to see. They were bucket list items.”

Not every ‘Bachelor’ episode will be about flying

They’re really milking Peter Weber’s pilot life in the promos and episodes of The Bachelor. They’ll take a few weeks off.

Peter Weber and Kelley
Peter Weber and Kelley | ABC/John Fleenor

“Listen, flying is a huge part of my life and I’m never going to shy away from that,” Weber said. “So I was stoked that I was able to show that a lot and have fun with women with a lot of flying themed dates. But it’s not all of it. There’s a lot more. But yeah, there’s some more flying stuff.”

Peter Weber’s future fiance better love to fly

Since flying is such an integral part of Peter Weber’s life, the winner of The Bachelor will have to share some aspects of it.

Peter Weber and Natasha
Peter Weber and Natasha | ABC/John Fleenor

“The main thing for me is just you have to have that sense of travel and adventure because that’s going to be my lifestyle for the rest of my life,” Weber said. “Yes, you’ve got a family one day and you have more responsibility and you slow down a little bit. But I never want to completely lose that. And that was important that the girl I ended up with shared that.”

Peter Weber went right back to flying with Delta

During The Bachelor, Peter Weber got his fellow Delta pilots to cover his shifts.

“I never actually took a leave,” Weber said. “It’s really nice being a pilot, the schedule is really flexible so I just ended up dropping my trips and having friends pick up trips. So really lucky that it all worked out.”

As soon as filming wrapped he started flying again.

“I went back to work a week after I got back from the show,” he said.

A pilot got Peter Weber hooked on ‘The Bachelor’

Peter Weber was a Bachelor fan before he ever went on The Bachelorette. The first Bachelor season he ever saw was another pilot.

The Bachelor
The Bachelor | ABC/John Fleenor

“So, the first season I ever saw it was Jake,” Weber said. “Jake was also a pilot and then obviously the whole ties of flying I loved it. I’ve always just been crazy about love and just that romantic. And so fell in love with the show, what it stood for and never would have imagined 10 years later actually going with Chris on this great journey.”