‘The Bachelor’: Is Victoria Fuller Trying to Save Face By Replying to All of Her Fans on Instagram?

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is already heating up with drama. While Hannah Ann Sluss is already causing controversy by pulling Weber aside and “stealing” Kelsey Weier’s Champagne, it’s Victoria Fuller who’s now stirring the pot.

Bachelor viewers saw Fuller crying over allegedly not being seen compared to the other women. But Reality Steve is now telling his loyal fanbase that Fuller may have a dark past that includes serial cheating. Fuller has referenced the drama on her Instagram, but she’s also proving to be one of the most responsive Bachelor stars to both fans and critics on Instagram.

Is Fuller responding to her followers only to save face due to current drama? Here’s what we noticed.

Victoria Fuller is getting a ton of negative attention

Victoria Fuller on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor'
Victoria Fuller on Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season had major drama from start to finish, and it looks like Weber may experience the same issue. When Fuller had her first moments on the show, she appeared to be a bit more reserved than some of the other women competing for Weber’s love. But Reality Steve told his fanbase that he’s had more negative stories from outsiders about Fuller than he’s ever seen.

Reality Steve learned from his sources that Fuller was allegedly a serial cheater. “Not only did I find this behavior to be true, but I also found out that the wives of the husbands that Victoria was having relationships with, were actually women Victoria knew and was friends with,” he claimed.

Fuller seemed to reference the drama with an Instagram post, too. “The RUMORS you are hearing are FALSE. There will be a time & place where I can defend myself, but for now I choose to wait,” she wrote. “HOWEVER, bullying is NOT ok. Nor is it fair. Especially when casting judgement and basing opinions upon pure speculation, assumptions, & LIES.”

She’s ultra-responsive to her critics on Instagram

Despite Fuller having a ton of haters due to what Reality Steve divulged, she’s still taking her time to respond to the critics on her Instagram. It’s typical of reality stars who experience hate to let all the negative commentary go without any further explanation from themselves. But Fuller is battling it head-on.

“I read a spoiler that you are this seasons Jed. Please don’t let that be true,” one fan commented on an Instagram post.

To that, Fuller noted, “don’t believe everything you read.”

On another Instagram post, a follower snarkily wrote, “So u didn’t win the bachelor.”

Fuller wrote back, “gotta tune-in sis!”

If Fuller doesn’t comment, she’s “liking” some of the comments making fun of her, too. One follower wrote, “When you forget how to sit on a couch,” as a snarky reply to a photo of her provocatively leaning against a couch, and Fuller gave it a “like.”

Fuller is also showing her supportive fans plenty of love

We’re not sure if Fuller is deleting any of her Instagram comments, but it seems she has even more fans than she does haters. And she’s replying back to a ton of their comments on the Instagram photo she posted on Jan. 15.

When one follower told Fuller they related to her because of their introverted nature, Fuller replied with, “anxiety is so hard sometimes. glad we can relate!”

Another follower told Fuller they loved how “vulnerable” she was regarding her insecurities with Weber. And Fuller said back, “thank you so much Gabriella you are so sweet. Being vulnerable is hard sometimes but worth it.”

And another Instagram follower also noticed that Fuller takes plenty of her own personal time to comment back to her followers. “Wow! You really be replying to almost everyone that’s so awesome of you ! I only watch the bachelor bc of you haha,” they wrote.

Is Fuller only replying to all of her followers to save face with them before the whole truth about her past comes out? We’ll have to wait and see what else we learn about the Bachelor star as time goes on.

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