‘The Bachelor’: Kelley Flanagan Opens Up About How Producers ‘Locked Me Up in a Closet’ to Keep Her Away From Peter Weber

Bachelor Nation was mad at Peter Weber for all of his indecision on The Bachelor Season 24; however, it looks like the producers might be to blame. Kelley Flanagan recently opened up about how she was kept away from Weber during his season — once in a closet for three hours.

Now that the two are officially “crushing on” each other, fans wonder what could have happened if Kelley saw Weber more during his season. 

Kelley Flanagan
Kelley Flanagan | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

Kelley Flanagan explains why she didn’t get time with Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’

Weber admitted early on his season of The Bachelor that he met Kelley before going on the show. They had an immediate connection, and he was happy to see her in the mansion on night one. However, viewers couldn’t tell why he seemed to lose his feelings for her throughout the show. 

“The first couple weeks, I saw him look at me differently,” Kelley explained on the Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast on April 7, 2020. “I could tell producers got in his head.” 

Not only did she not get time with Weber, but she felt that they were telling him things that weren’t true. 

“He had this demeanor that was so pissed off,” she continued. “Like what the hell were you told? Right then and there I knew something was going on behind the scenes.”

Then on Kelley and Weber’s one-on-one date, she decided to call him out on things. This scene never aired. 

“Can I just speak freely?” she explained to Iaconetti what she told Weber that night. “They don’t let me see you. They locked me up in a closet for three hours last week, and they don’t let me see you. You have been in my position before. What do you want me to do?”

Kelley Flanagan saw that Weber was being manipulated

“To be completely honest, since I have been young, I have always been a little helper,” Kelley explains why she wanted to help Weber. “You can tell he’s super smart, and he gets it, but sometimes I just want to shake him. I don’t know why I took him under my wing.”

Looking back on Weber’s season, it is easy to see why Kelley was laying on that couch in the episode when she was sent home. She was tired of the manipulation. However, she never lost her feelings for Weber.

“I saw that he has such a good heart, and he was getting manipulated every which way,” Kelley told Iaconetti and Higgins.

Fans are outraged at ‘The Bachelor’ producers after hearing Kelley’s side of the story

“The producers suck, I want a full podcast with her now,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “She doesn’t seem to mind speaking out and breaking her contract. I’ll admit I’ve been kind of anti-Kelley, but after that last part in the podcast, I actually like her.”

Fans began warming up to Kelley after hearing her side of the story. There are always rumors about how producers’ setup The Bachelor; however, this came straight from one of the contestants.

Viewers are hopeful that Kelley and Weber will make things work after all that they have gone through together.  

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