‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’: Amid the Julia Drama, Savannah Says Brandon Was ‘Caught up in a Lot More Webs Than I Realized’

The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart just reached the singing portion of the competition. As of the Monday, April 27 episode, the contestants were told to pair up with people they saw a future with both romantically and musically. Everyone who was left was told to pack their bags.

This put some pressure on Savannah McKinley, Brandon Mills, Julia Rae, and Sheridan Reed specifically, as they were trying to figure out where they stood in their awkward love square just before the announcement was made to couple up for good.

Chris Harrison, Brandon Mills, and Savannah McKinley | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Chris Harrison, Brandon Mills, and Savannah McKinley | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Going into the episode, there was still a question as to who Brandon would want to pursue a romantic connection with. He’d been waffling back and forth between Savannah and Julia but, ultimately, chose Savannah.

Savannah feels like Brandon could have handled things better

Looking back, Savannah wishes Brandon would have been more upfront with her about what he’d been feeling for Julia.

“I was super honest with Brandon, ‘Hey I have feelings for Gabe, it’s more of a friendship, and I really, really am connected to you. Period. And it wasn’t reciprocated,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

Savannah says she’d go so far as to say she felt betrayed by Brandon’s actions.

“There’s definitely feelings of betrayal. …I’m a very empathetic person, so I try to have a clear head about all of this and know that this was difficult. But I think if I could’ve just had an honest moment with him… ‘Why all the sudden are we having all this come out that you have feelings for Julia and you can’t choose? You told me you chose me,'” she shared. 

Savannah says “Brandon is a smooth talker and knows how to get what he wants with the women.” But she also thinks Julia could have handled the situation better, too.

“I think Brandon could have done a better job considering me, and I think Julia could have done a better job staying in her lane,” she told the publication. 

Savannah says when it was just her and Brandon, ‘He meant what he said’

Despite everything that occurred between Brandon and Julia, Savannah says she developed real feelings for her partner on The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart.

“I believed in the show. That’s the only reason why I decided to go on it. Listen to your Heart is such an incredible concept and I just I loved being there. I loved being a part of it. Every feeling, everything that you see, every tear, every smile — it was all genuine and it was real and so much of that was wrapped around Brandon,” she said. “I think that there was a lot of things that were tough in our relationship. I think that he was caught up in a lot more webs — whether he spun them or not — he just got caught up in a lot more webs than I realized. But I knew every time that I was with Brandon, that he meant what he said.”

“So, we’ll see how all of that unravels,” she teased. 

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