‘The Bachelor’: Maquel Apologizes for Offensive Costume Photo

Bachelor Nation was taken by surprise by Arie Luyendyk Jr. being cast for Season 22 of The Bachelor. But now the fans are getting to know the women cast to fall in love with him. Now that social media is prevalent, fans are getting to know the contestants much more quickly than they have in the past.

Maquel Cooper is one of those ladies. She made a big first impression by riding in on a car in a big blue gown. She took off her helmet and pretty much finished off her entrance. Although she made a good first impression, now fans are troubled by what they found in her old social media posts.

Here are seven things to know about Cooper’s offensive costume photo, the apology she gave, and what the people behind the show have to say about it.

1. A Reddit user posted a photo of Maquel Cooper in an offensive costume

Marquel Cooper posing with two women in costume.

The offensive photos has since been deleted. | Imgur

The whole thing started when someone posted the photo of Maquel Cooper on Reddit. It was a throwback photo on her Instagram of herself with two other women. They have drawn on facial hair and are wearing black hoodies. The costumes are then described in the caption with “Insane night. #tbt #marco #jose @louie #ugly #pranknight #bff #mexicans #baileywoolley #reesehigbee.”

According to Us Weekly, the photo was from 2012 and has been deleted. The Reddit user wrote, “Maquelle, maybe before considering yourself a ‘public figure’ on instagram, look back at your old posts to make sure you don’t come across as a racist.”

The reality star later gave a statement.

2. Cooper apologized in a statement

Maquel Cooper in a pool.

She has since apologized for the photo after receiving backlash. | Maquel Cooper via Instagram

After being called out, the contestant gave a statement to TV Guide. “Five years ago, I made a regretful choice for a costume,” she said.

“It came at a time when I was unenlightened and uninformed,” she continued. “I apologize to anybody who was offended by my choices. I am sorry for what I did and take full responsibility for my mistake.”

3. Arie Luyendyk Jr. said he is disappointed

Arie Lyendyk Jr. smiling on a red carpet.

He wasn’t happy about her actions. | Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

The bachelor also reacted to the social media scandal. “I’m a little disappointed to hear that, obviously,” he told TV Guide. “It’s unfortunate.”

4. ABC president Channing Dungey previously said the show increased its vetting process

Channing Dungey smiling at a media event.

Channing Dungey | Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for ESSENCE

This isn’t the first time the show has been in hot water for casting someone who had offensive posts on social media with Lee Garrett. But ABC president Channing Dungey said the show increased its vetting process to avoid this.

“I think there were certain elements to Lee — we go through a very complicated vetting process to determine the contestants,” Dungey said, according to TV Guide. “Not everything is apparent right from the beginning, and that’s just one of the things we have to look at as we continue to move forward in the future, to maybe continue to strengthen our process of vetting.”

5. ABC also gave a statement about Cooper’s photo

Arie Lyendyk Jr. posing in a blue top.

The network has responded. | Marquel Cooper via Instagram

The network gave a response to TV Guide about the situation. “We are disappointed to see this post and glad that Maquel has made a formal apology. We do not condone her behavior,” a spokesperson said.

6. Cooper’s ex-husband has also reportedly been speaking about her

Marquel Cooper posing in a black hat and white top.

Her husband wants her back. | Marquel Cooper via Instagram

This isn’t the only reason Cooper has been in the headlines. Her ex-husband, Josh Munday talked to In Touch about how he wants her back.

One of my mistakes was letting her go,” he said. “There was no infidelity, [and] she was never rude or malicious or anything of the sort. We were high school sweethearts that got married a bit too early.”

7. Munday also said Arie Luyendyk Jr. is too old for her

Marquel posing in a white shirt.

Will Arie be interested in her after the scandal? | Marquel Cooper via Instagram

The ex-husband also doesn’t think the reality star is a good match for her. “I think Arie’s a little old for her,” he told In Touch.

He also thinks Cooper isn’t going to do certain things on the show. “Maquel is a very religious person. She’s not the type to jump into the Fantasy Suite.”

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