‘The Bachelor’: Matt James Finally Got Rid of 1 Thing Fans Have Been Begging Him For

The Bachelor Matt James just showed off a drastic new look on his Twitter account. The former lead of the show received plenty of fan commentary on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose about his look that was quite different than the one he sported throughout his season of the dating show. Fans weighed in after he shared the latest picture after he finally gave in to what fans have been begging him to do for weeks.

Matt James from 'The Bachelor' posing at 'After the Final Rose' episode
Matt James from ‘The Bachelor’ posing at ‘After the Final Rose’ episode | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

‘The Bachelor’ Matt James was clean-shaven on the show

During The Bachelor, James rocked a clean-shaven look on his face. He had sported that look for most of his time while being friends with past contestant Tyler Cameron, who appeared on his season to mentor his pal.

But James didn’t keep the clean-shaven look for long. He was seen around New York City with a newer, more rugged appearance. People speculated that James’ new beard meant that he was single. Commonly after breakups, people change up their appearance to start fresh, per Cosmopolitan.

While people had seen James with a beard out and about, he showed off the look on national television in mid-March. The star debuted his non clean-shaven look on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose on March 15, 2021.

‘The Bachelor’ Matt James debuted his bearded look on finale episode

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James showed off his full beard on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose. He revealed to viewers that he and Rachael Kirkconnell ended their relationship. This seemed to confirm speculation that James changed his appearance after becoming single.

However, of course, James could simply like the look and prefer it over shaving. He also could simply just not want to shave his face daily to maintain the beardless look.

After shedding ties with the show and his contestants, James has remained rocking his beard in lieu of a shaved face. He has continued to appear in interviews and in photos with his bearded look.

Fans repeatedly asked James to shave his face again, vocal about preferring the clean-cut look.

But James kept his appearance the way he wanted. That was until April 1, 202. James showed that he might have changed his mind.

‘The Bachelor’ star announced he shaved beard in new Twitter photo

James debuted a stubble look on his Twitter account on April 1, 2021, after fans had been vocal about preferring his beard-less look.

But fans noticed in the thread, replying to James, the date on which he posted the picture. James shared the photo on April Fool’s Day, so fans are unsure whether his new look is an old picture or not. James didn’t comment on whether his picture was a joke.

Regardless of whether James’ photo is an April Fool’s Day joke, he likely will continue to sport whatever look he wants. After all, it’s his body. And fans will have an opinion on whatever he decides, anyway.