‘The Bachelor’ Star, Peter Weber Admits He Was Wrong About Kelley Not Being Ready

At first it seemed like Kelley Flanagan was one of the women ahead of the competition on The Bachelor. But Peter Weber later questioned if she was ready for marriage. Find out what he has to say now about his judgment of her and more. Warning spoilers for “Week 7!”

Kelley Flanagan met Peter Weber before ‘The Bachelor’

Peter Weber and Kelley on 'The Bachelor'
Peter Weber and Kelley on ‘The Bachelor’ Francisco Roman via Getty Images

Kelley had an advantage given she met the reality star before the season started. They talked about their first meeting on the show.

“I’m really excited that Peter’s the bachelor because I’ve met Peter,” Kelley Flanagan said on The Bachelor. “I was in California for one of my best friend’s weddings and saw Peter in the lobby. I guess he was there for his 10-year reunion.”

She talked about what the moment meant to her. “It’s hard to not look at that situation and think that wasn’t a major sign being sent to me like ‘Hey, you should really do this,’” Kelley said. “And who knows? Maybe at the end of it I’ll be engaged.”

Weber questioned if Kelley about pulling away

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Weber and Kelley started off strong. But he noticed she wasn’t trying as hard in a later episode. It turns out Kelley started to wonder if Weber was truly ready for marriage based on his decisions. She also pointed out that she was different from one of his favorite contestants.

“I know that I love Hannah Ann [Sluss] and we’re super close. But I would say we’re on two different levels. Like we’re at two different stages of our lives,” Kelley told him in “Week 5.” “I’m extremely mature for my age and I’m truly ready for that step and there were things that were questioned about you on that so when that was said I was like ‘OK, well I need to clarify.'”

She also pointed out Weber giving Alayah Benavidez a rose over women who were still in the competition due to drama. “Just like rewarding the drama and stuff like that. That just kind of like irked me,” she said before adding, “No person who should be in that stage would want to even put up with that.”

Weber gave her a rose on the promise that she would try harder. However, Kelley didn’t last much longer.

He admits he was wrong about her not being ready

Weber sent Kelley home in “Week 7” on a three on one date. This was after he asked her about her feelings and the lawyer said she was having fun with him.

“I wish this could have worked,” the pilot told her. Kelley had a level head when reacting to being sent home.

“Peter made his decision and that’s that. Does it suck? Yeah. Do I agree with it? No,” she said on the show. “I question his intentions, because I don’t know what phase he is in his life.” Kelley added, “Thank you for not coming and meeting my family.”

Weber has now reflected on his decision and talked about being wrong with Entertainment Tonight. “I definitely had questions at first if she was really ready and wanted this. I was wrong, she truly was,” he said. “I think she can absolutely make an amazing [Bachelorette].”

Kelley certainly has fans who are hoping she’ll be the next reality star. They will have to wait for some time to see who will be chosen for the role.