‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Didn’t Ask For Permission Or Approval From Any Parents To Marry Their Daughters

Peter Weber’s hometowns episode was earlier this week and it was unique for a couple different reasons. One: all of the Victoria F. drama. During the date portion of the controversial contestant’s hometown, Weber’s ex, Merissa Pence, came up to him and told him not to trust Victoria F. And two: Weber didn’t talk to any parents about marrying their daughter(s).

Peter Weber | Francisco Roman/ABC via Getty Images
Peter Weber | Francisco Roman/ABC via Getty Images

Last year, when Colton Underwood was the bachelor, he asked every father for their blessing. His season winner Cassie Randolph’s dad famously did not approve. Everything worked out, though, because Underwood didn’t end up proposing. He and Randolph are still happily dating today, not succumbing to the typical timeline pressure most Bachelor couples experience.

It’s not uncommon for bachelors to be religious or conservative in their beliefs, so asking for a blessing before getting engaged tends to be the norm on the show.

Bachelor Nation reacts to Peter Weber not asking permission to marry any of his contestants

Fans certainly took notice that Weber didn’t have “the talk” with any of his contestants’ parents.

“Is it just me or is Peter forgetting to ask these dad’s permission (s),” tweeted one fan.

“Interesting that Peter didn’t ask permission for marriage at these hometowns,” wrote another.

Some fans appreciated Weber skipping the conservative tradition.

“Respect Peter for not asking 4 fathers permission to marry their daughter,” tweeted one fan.

Why didn’t Peter Weber ask permission to marry any of his contestants?

While he did have an uncomfortable conversation with Madison Prewett’s dad about his daughter’s “purity,” Weber never asked any of the contestants’ fathers (or mothers for that matter) for their blessing to marry their daughter(s). Why exactly?

One possibility is that Weber doesn’t subscribe to the old tradition. Many people see the custom as outdated and sexist. Perhaps Weber is one of those people. (Though if he wants to marry Madison, it maybe should have been something they discussed as a couple prior to hometowns.)

Another possibility is that Weber feels he’s not ready to get engaged to any of his contestants. So why ask if he knows he won’t be getting down on one knee at the end of his season?

Another possibility is that Weber felt his parent conversations weren’t going well so he steered clear of the big question. Or maybe he just forgot.

Will Peter Weber get engaged?

We’ll have to wait and see if Weber pops the question to any of his contestants at the end of his Bachelor season. In interviews he’s given about the finale, he certainly hints at a lot of drama that goes down–it’s hard to imagine a happy ending for the pilot after that much advertised drama. And the fact that he didn’t speak to any parents about marrying their daughters could hint at the fact that he doesn’t.

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