‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Has a Message for Fans Who Say Kelley Flanagan Wasn’t His First Choice

Peter Weber seems to have gotten his happily ever after following his season of The Bachelor after all.

As fans remember, the pilot infamously got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss in Australia after Madison Prewett sent herself home. But before “After the Final Rose,” Weber ended things with Sluss because he still had feelings for Prewett. Prewett and Weber were reunited at The Bachelor finale but, ultimately, decided against pursuing a relationship.

Now, Weber is with Kelley Flanagan (also from his season), and he says he’s never been happier.

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber reunite at the Bachelor Mansion
Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

How Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are making their relationship work after all the ‘Bachelor’ drama

Bachelor Nation knows that Weber sent Flanagan home just before hometowns. Weber has said that, while he and Flanagan make a great pair in real life, trying to form a connection on a reality TV show wasn’t ever going to work for them.

Since getting together with the attorney, fans have criticized the pilot for jumping from contestant to contestant. “She wasn’t your first choice” is something he gets a lot.

“People like to say, ‘Oh, she wasn’t your first choice.’ And I know for Kelley, it has been tough to see. But listen, at the end of the day, this is a reality TV dating show. This is not real life, normal life, so it’s not the same,” he told Entertainment Tonight on July 14.

Weber also noted that few people “end up marrying the very first boyfriend or girlfriend they ever had. It’s not their technical first choice. So we’ve just done a good job of reassuring each other and just explaining why I did things, and owning up to my faults and just being a better person moving forward,” he said.

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Weber admitted he still feels bad about how things transpired with Flanagan on The Bachelor.  

“Everything I put Kelley through… I’m still working to make it up to her for not picking her. And I’m never going to stop,” he said.

Flanagan says that communicating effectively has helped her and Weber stay on track.

“Trust is a huge thing, but if you just hear each other out, it’s a lot easier,” she said. “We’ve sat down and talked everything through, and it makes a lot more sense if you’re on our end than the public’s.”   

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are in love and moving in together

According to Weber and Flanagan, they’re in a really good place currently. The two plan to move to New York together in the near future.

“I’m super excited to take this next step with Kell and move to New York and to see what adventures await,” he said.

Weber says, with Flanagan, he “can just be [himself].”

“She’s my biggest fan and she supports me and she’s always there for me. I know I have my partner in crime forever,” he said.

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“She is, I truly believe, the perfect person for me. And I feel so blessed to have this have worked out,” Weber added.  

For Flanagan, the feeling is mutual.

“There’s always something about Peter that I knew I just was madly in love. I just knew we’d get along,” she said.

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