‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Confirms He’s Done Being Indecisive — ‘I Know Who My Frontrunners Are’

Chris Harrison wasn’t lying when he said there would be plenty of turbulence in Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Thus far, the 24th season has delivered one of the most-hated casts and frustrating storylines the ABC reality franchise has ever seen. And for the most part, both Bachelor Nation alums and fans seem to agree — Weber’s wishy-washy behavior is the problem. But now, as The Bachelor enters its seventh week, Weber promises viewers his indecisiveness has come to an end because he finally knows who his frontrunners are. 

‘The Bachelor’ fans aren’t happy with Peter Weber’s indecisive behavior

Peter Weber visits "Extra" at Burbank Studios on February 05, 2020 in Burbank, California.
Peter Weber | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Weber has displayed quite a bit of uncertainty since the start of The Bachelor Season 24. When Hannah Brown returned, Weber considered ditching the show for his ex. However, he eventually chose to go back to his cast. Later, during his first one-on-one date with Kelley Flanagan, Weber seemed uncertain about his relationship with the lawyer. But the bachelor ended up giving her a rose. 

Of course, it’s not easy to be the bachelor and Weber just wanted to give everyone a shot. That said, the situation with Alayah Benavidez truly highlighted how Weber’s way of doing things could go wrong. 

In the third episode, Weber eliminated Alayah after hearing about the former Miss Texas USA’s “fake” behavior from other contestants. He was ultimately influenced by word-of-mouth and sent her home immediately. But then in the next episode, Alayah came back to clear her name. 

Alayah explained her side and Weber asked her to return to the Bachelor mansion. He also gave her a group date rose, despite not partaking in the date beforehand. But after backlash from the other women, Weber sent Alayah packing once more.

Following the episode, a lot of Bachelor Nation shared their disappointment in Weber’s inability to stand his ground. And even former bachelorette Becca Kufrin expressed her wish for the reigning bachelor to take the lead.

“I love Pete and I really wish him the best. But he’s just condoning this bad behavior,” Kufrin told BUILD Series. “He needs to put his foot down and stand by his decisions.”

Peter Weber says he knows his frontrunners by ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24 Episode 7

As The Bachelor Season 24 continued into the sixth week, fans were curious to see whether Weber would stop “rewarding the drama,” as Kelley put it. Then by the end of the episode, Weber’s cast dwindled down to six women. Now, in an interview with Access on Feb. 5, Weber reassured fans his days of being an indecisive bachelor are finally over. 

“Just to calm everyone down, I knew exactly what I was doing with my frontrunners. I had that all set in my mind,” Weber said. He later added, “At this point in the journey, I know who my frontrunners are.”

The 28-year-old was also honest about why he kept so many contestants on for so long. And basically, it boils down to the format for the show. 

“The way the show goes, you have to give out a certain amount of roses. You have to have a certain amount of people there,” Weber said. “I still did my best to give myself to each relationship. But just naturally, you’re drawn to certain people.”

Nevertheless, Weber noted he never felt indecisive about his frontrunners. 

“The wishy-washy-ness of it was not with the frontrunners, but with the people that I still didn’t know enough about them yet — if I wanted to say bye,” Weber said. “So everyone, rest assured, I knew exactly what I was doing. I promise you right now.”

As expected, when Access asked Weber to reveal his frontrunners, the bachelor remained mum — although we can take a few guesses. But even so, the Delta pilot teased The Bachelor fans won’t have to worry about his decision making in regards to these women. 

“If it’s obvious, you guys have nothing to worry about with the possible drama or with me being indecisive about certain decisions,” Weber said. “But everyone, it’s all good.”

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