‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Reveals the ‘Most Terrifying Experience’ of His Life, and It’s Not What You Think

The drama is flowing on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. That’s not what terrifies the pilot, though. We thought the most horrifying moment for Weber might easily be his run-in with the golf cart in Costa Rica. However, it turns out the bachelor’s ‘most terrifying experience’ was before he came on the show. 

[Warning: The Bachelor Season 24 spoilers ahead]

Peter Weber
Peter Weber | Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Where did Peter Weber get that massive gash on his head?

In case you missed the explanation about that cut, Weber tried to tell his twelve remaining contestants that he had a run-in with a puma while hiking in Costa Rica. 

However, what happened is not nearly as terrifying. The pilot had one small sip of beer before hopping on a golf cart holding a glass. He underestimated the height of the roof and ran right into it. 

“When I stepped up, I bumped my head on this little overhang and brought my right hand up to my head to feel for it, but that was the one that had the glass in it,” Weber told Cosmopolitan. “So, yeah, I literally smashed the glass into my face. I essentially did a freaking Hulk smash on my forehead.”

Although there was blood everywhere, the bachelor describes a different moment as the most frightening of his life. 

Weber’s ‘most terrifying moment’ happened at a Chinese restaurant

The pilot described a date when he went to a Panda Express with his best friend, Chad, and a girl that he had a crush on. Everything was going completely well at first. They were about half-way through the meal when Chad made Weber laugh while in the middle of sipping on his soda.

Fans reading this article might think it was something silly like soda came out of his nose in front of his date. However, it gets worse. 

“So as I started to laugh, everything started coming right back up, and I started to just profusely vomit all over the food, all over my tray…and continuing to laugh at the same time,” the bachelor told Cosmopolitan.

He was “completely mortified,” so he tried to run out of the restaurant. However, when he went to throw his vomit-covered tray in the trash can, he locked eyes with a dad of a family of four. 

“The dad and I made eye contact, and as I make eye contact, I kind of lose balance with the tray and a little bit of the vomit spills off the tray and splatters right next to his foot,” he continues. “So I ended up throwing it all out in the trash and running out. It was the most terrifying experience of my life.”

Will Weber ever eat Chinese food again?

Despite the most disgusting moment of his life happening at a Panda Express, Weber says he has returned to the restaurant.

“To be honest, I have,” the pilot admits. “I love it too much to stop. That wasn’t going to keep me away, but yeah, oh God. That was the most horrible experience ever.”

Luckily the contestants do not eat on camera on The Bachelor. So, we have no chance of seeing another rendition of this experience this season. 

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