‘The Bachelor’: Could Peter Weber Wait for Marriage After Being the Guy Who Went 4 Rounds in a Windmill with Hannah Brown?

Peter Weber might have forgotten who he was in Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette, but the fans have not. He is still remembered for being that guy who had sex four times in a windmill. Fans speculate whether or not he could go a full year or two without sleeping with anyone during his engagement to Madison Prewett. 

 Madi is who Pilot Pete wants by his side, but she will abstain until marriage. Bachelor Nation wants to know if Weber is capable of committing to that with her.

[Warning: The Bachelor Season 16 Finale Part 1 spoilers ahead]

What happened with Peter Weber and Hannah Brown?

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Here’s a quick recap: Peter Weber was a contestant on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He made it to the final four men and Fantasy Suites week. During his one-on-one date, the couple was intimate four times in the now famous windmill. 

The event was such a big deal that a contestant even showed up dressed as a windmill during night one of Weber’s season of The Bachelor

Brown ended up sending Weber home when it came down to him, Jed Wyatt, and Tyler Cameron. The Bachelorette chose Wyatt. However, she found out after he proposed that Wyatt had a girlfriend back home and was only on the show to promote his music career. 

Brown chose Cameron during the ‘After the Rose’; however, the two did not continue their relationship. Brown came back yet again on Weber’s season of The Bachelor. She admitted that she made a mistake and should have chosen Pilot Pete, but third isn’t that enticing. 

It was too little, too late. Weber continued with his season, although fans recall that his parents rejoiced when they heard he went four rounds with her in one night during Fantasy Suites.

Barbara Weber told us during Part 1 of ‘The Bachelor’ finale what kind of guy Peter is

“I understand that you are very religious,” Peter’s mother tells Madison. “Peter’s lifestyle; he socializes, he parties. You have quite a bit of different lifestyles. I don’t want anyone to change him.”

Weber’s mom hit the nail on the head for fans during the finale part one. Weber likes to drink alcohol, and Madison does not. He slept with two other women during Fantasy Suites even after Madi asked him not to. The 23-year-old Auburn basketball star is saving herself for marriage.

“Peter’s Mom is a good Mom,” one Reddit user commented. “She’s just voicing her opinion and saying the hard sh*t no one wants to hear, and that is what family does. Madi and Peter are NOT compatible outside the bachelor bubble. I grew up like Madi; she needs a different breed of man.”

Could Peter Weber truly be happy with Madison Prewett?

“How does Barb expect him to ever be a happily married man if she doesn’t want anyone to change his constant partying and hooking up lifestyle?” another fan pondered.

Madison reiterated what Barbara said differently during her one-on-one date. His mother made some good points. 

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“As much as we want this, I don’t know if we can give each other what we need,” Madi told Weber. “Sometimes, I think being a great warrior and being a good fighter is knowing when to surrender.” 

Madison left after the couple’s one-on-one date in Australia; however, Chris Harrison told viewers that they did not see the last of her.

“If you think you have seen the last of Madison, ya haven’t,” Harrison said Monday night. “If you think you know how this is all going to end, get ready to get your mind blown.”

In the scenes from the finale part 2, we see Madison heading to the final rose ceremony. Fans are sure that Weber picks Madison, but they still do not believe that he can be faithful to her. His track record does not bode well to abstinence. 

Find out who Peter Weber chooses during the final rose ceremony on Tuesday, Mar. 10, 2020 at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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