‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber’s Ex Is Not Backing Down from Claims About Victoria Fuller, Claims She Has Evidence

Victoria Fuller was the source of a lot of controversy this season of The Bachelor. First, fans were upset at her for modeling for a company that utilized the White Lives Matter slogan and then she came under fire for the way that she behaved on the show.

She was constantly arguing with Peter Weber and then blaming him for the problems in their relationship. One of the biggest blowups between the two came after Weber’s ex Merissa Pence crashed one of their dates and claimed that Fuller had broken up multiple relationships.

Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller
Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

What did Merissa Pence say about Victoria Fuller?

Once Pence told Weber about Fuller, he immediately brought the info to Fuller.

“You know how on our first date at that concert, you had an ex there?” he asked her on the show. “Today I had an ex there, too. Her name is Merissa. We just kind of chatted for a little bit, and then she just brought some stuff to my attention that she thought I should know. She told me that you’ve caused a lot of other relationships to end — I don’t know what she could be referring to, but those are her words.”

Fuller denied the allegations.

Why did Merissa Pence warn Peter?

Pence got a lot of flack for trying to tear Fuller down, but that wasn’t her plan.

“I went there with no intentions or knowing I was going to talk to Peter,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I took it upon myself to call out his name and have a conversation with him.”

“I just did this for the people who don’t have a voice,” she told the outlet. “I feel like I have been that voice for them, and that’s kind of been my mindset on all of this.”

“I was there to warn him and present facts if he asked, but I wasn’t there to slander her name or say bad words or call her names. I was not there for that. That’s not me, that’s not who I wanted to be portrayed as.”

Merissa claims to have evidence

At the “Women Tell All” special, Fuller further denied Pence’s allegations. So, a fan commented on one of Pence’s recent photos asking why she lied about Fuller.

 “Unfortunately it is true,” Pence responded. “Some people cannot face the truth, she knows what she’s done. It takes a strong person to admit those flaws.”

The fan then asked Pence if she had receipts to prove what she was saying.

“Multiple,” she said.“Many of those who’s life she’s ruined. They have been through h*ll and back and simply do not want to relive a dark time in their lives just for a reality TV show. This is simply why I did what I did. To speak for those who’s lives and relationship have been ruined. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the truth with always be the truth and there’s no way around that.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Pence exposes the receipts that she has about Fuller. Fuller still maintains that she did not break up any couples.