‘The Bachelor’: The Producer Theory Could Be Right

The finale of The Bachelor is getting closer, which means Bachelor Nation is finally going to find out who Peter Weber ends up with — if he ends up with anyone at all. Weber has had a tough time this season between all of the drama in the mansion, Victoria Fuller’s refusal to open up, and Madison Prewett’s ultimatum. With the upcoming finale, many Bachelor fans have started to believe that Weber does end up with producer Julie LaPlaca. 

'The Bachelor' Peter Weber finale
Peter Weber | John Fleenor via Getty Images

How Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ will end

Despite the many rumors circulating around the finale of Weber’s season, supposedly no one knows how it’s going to end — not even Weber. ABC executive Rob Mills told Variety: “You really have to watch it live because there’s no way to find out what is going to unfold unless you watch it. Nobody knows — not even Peter.” 

Filming for this season of The Bachelor wrapped in November 2019, but that doesn’t mean the conclusion that was filmed is the ending that fans are going to receive. “It’s going to be pretty unresolved,” Mills explained in regards to the two-part finale. He went on to say, “A lot of stuff went down since November when we finished filming, and even now, still up to the minute, it will be live on the show.”

Does Peter end up with ‘The Bachelor’ producer Julie LaPlaca?

For weeks, Bachelor Nation has been theorizing who Weber could possibly end up with. Thanks to ABC exec Mills, fans are more confident than ever that Julie LaPlaca could be Weber’s woman. 

Earlier this season, fans uncovered photos of LaPlaca having dinner with Weber’s family. She even spent New Year’s Eve with the Webers, which didn’t seem all that weird considering she has posted photos with other Bachelor and Bachelorette cast members in the past. 

It wasn’t until Mills’ interview with Variety that the LaPlaca theory resurfaced. In the promos for The Bachelor finale, we see Weber’s mom pleading with him to “bring her home to us.” Could this mysterious woman she’s referring to be LaPlaca? Mills says that we’ll find out who she’s talking about, but it will come as a surprise. 

“I would say it’s probably not who people think,” Mills said, then clarified: “People will probably be surprised when they see who [Weber’s mom is] talking about.”

It’s no secret that Weber is very close to his family. One of his first dates this season was with Prewett, who he brought to his parent’s vow renewal. Mills mentioned that Weber’s strong family dynamic will inform his decision, creating a “very real and very different” perspective unlike anything ever seen before on The Bachelor

When asked about the LaPlaca theory, Mills denied commenting, saying: “Weber is very, very close to her. She’s sort of his day-to-day producer, so she’s there with him, and she knows Peter very well and knows his family very well. They’re all very fond of her. That is all I will say.” 

Whether Mills is fueling the rumors or speaking some truth remains to be seen. Perhaps Chris Harrison was right in saying this will be a season unlike any other. Part one of The Bachelor finale airs tonight on ABC.