‘The Bachelor’ Producers Are Considering a Senior-Focused Production

In a few short weeks, fans of The Bachelor will finally find out who Peter Weber chooses to have his happily ever after with. While rumors are swirling that Weber will pick someone not actually competing for his love, the production team is trying to keep the final outcome quiet. What they aren’t hush-hush about is their desire to take the popularity of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and spin it in an entirely new direction. A casting call suggests that ABC is looking to bring the popularity of the series to a new demographic. They are seeking men and women over 65 to compete for love on TV, and fans are totally here for it.

It looks like ABC is trying to create a senior-centric version of The Bachelor

ABC is ready to give senior citizens a shot at love. The production company behind the wildly popular dating shows, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are looking to cast a handful of seniors who want to find love, and, maybe, a little bit of fame. While ABC hasn’t officially commented on the project, they aren’t trying to hide it either. A casting call has appeared on social media and during a live broadcast over the last week.

The call is pretty vague, but it makes it clear that the network is looking for men and women over the age of 65 who are interested in taking part in a dating competition. The prompt asks for active and outgoing participants, but there is no word on the actual premise of the show. Fans, however, are pretty sure the series will be a take on The Bachelor.  

Chris Harrison is trying to play it cool

TMZ caught up with Chris Harrison and asked him all about the potential new series, but he’s trying to play it cool. When cameras caught him at LAX, Harrison simply suggested that everyone deserves love, but he would not confirm whether or not the show has the green light or if he’ll be involved with the production. He did, however, indicate why ABC might be considering a senior-centric series.

According to Harrison, he is often asked about the possibility of a season that focuses on older men and women. In fact, he claims it’s the number one question he receives from fans. Harrison isn’t giving anything away, but his non-answer certainly makes it seem like the show is a go. TMZ’s cameraman also asked Harrison about who Weber ends up with this year, and while he didn’t confirm that his actual lady love is a producer on the series, he didn’t deny it, either.

What is ABC looking for from senior daters?

The casting call asks the potential senior daters some pretty intense questions. While all participants will need to be 65 years old or older, they also need to be active and in good health. The casting call requests information about their prior relationships, too, including the number of marriages they’ve had, if they have children and grandchildren and why their prior relationships ended.

It goes on to request information about the potential dater’s preferences in a partner, and the reason why they are interested in finding love on television. Those interested in signing up will also need to share their personal photos, and any dating profiles and social media accounts they currently have live. It is not yet known when the show would premiere, but fans will likely need to wait a while. The casting process could take months.