‘The Bachelor’: Rachel Lindsay Favors Barbara Weber’s Opinion After the Finale

The season finale of The Bachelor was intense, and it seems fans of the show have split between “Team Madison” and “Team Barb.” Rachel Lindsay recently spoke out about why she understands Barbara Weber’s side more after The Bachelor finale.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Weber’s season of The Bachelor.]

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay | Michael Yada/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

What happened on ‘The Bachelor’ finale

In the first part of the finale, Madison Prewett self-eliminated after coming to the realization that her relationship with Peter Weber might not be compatible long term. After Prewett self-eliminated, Peter Weber proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss. They broke up shortly after becoming engaged, and Peter Weber reconnected with Prewett.

At the taping of the “After the Final Rose,” Prewett joined Peter Weber onstage. The two admitted they still loved each other and that they wanted to give their relationship another try.

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Barbara Weber was not happy about this, and repeatedly voiced how much she did not approve of the relationship. She insisted multiple times she preferred Sluss, and that everyone in her son’s life knew the relationship with Prewett will not work out. This upset Peter Weber, and onstage Prewett clashed with Barbara Weber, leading to the finale to end with a lot of tension.

Rachel Lindsay thinks the situation on ‘The Bachelor’ was mishandled

After the finale of The Bachelor, Lindsay appeared on Extra to give her opinion on the drama. At the start of the segment, she also revealed what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

“Barb and Pete Sr. went home,” Lindsay said. “Madison was upset. I do know that. She was upset at the exchange that happened on live TV.”

Billy Bush told Lindsay he understood why Prewett was upset and Lindsay paused. However, she did agree that the exchange between Prewett and Barbara Weber should not have happened.

“It was like we were at their dinner table watching a family argue, and nobody wants to see that on live TV,” she said.

Lindsay also agreed that the delivery of Barbara Weber’s message to her son and Prewett was wrong. Even though she thinks the exchange should not have happened on TV, she did agree with what Barbara Weber said.

“Her delivery was wrong, but her message was not wrong and Pete Sr. said it,” Lindsay told Bush. “They are privy to more information than we know. I’m privy to more information than the audience knows, and there’s some things that are unsettling to them when it comes to the relationship with Peter and Madison, and Barb couldn’t keep quiet about it, as we all saw.”

Rachel Lindsay understands Barbara Weber’s side

Lindsay made it clear during her appearance on Extra that she respects Prewett’s morals and values. What Lindsay does not understand is why Prewett went on the show in the first place, and why she chose to take Weber back.

“It doesn’t make any sense. You come on the show because you have these morals and these values and you stay true to them. That’s a beautiful thing, so you self-eliminate, you go home because Peter isn’t the man that you want. That type of man never is on The Bachelor… So Peter decides he wants to spend his life with another woman… then dumps her… and you take him back after that? It doesn’t add up,” she said.

Lindsay then told Bush that Prewett now has representation through an agent after her time on The Bachelor.

“The only thing that makes sense is you want the TV time… and to top it all off, she has already hired an agent,” Lindsay said.