‘The Bachelor’: Rachel Lindsay Said This 1 Thing Peter Weber Didn’t Do Is a Red Flag

Bachelor Nation has been pretty vocal about their disapproval of the contestants on this season of The Bachelor. There is also a big portion of fans that aren’t that happy with how Peter Weber has handled this season, either. It seems like the drama among the women is finished for now however there’s sure to be more. And former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay shared a big mistake Weber is making.

Peter Weber on the set of the telenovela the contestants were making on 'The Bachelor.'
Peter Weber on the set of the telenovela the contestants were making on ‘The Bachelor’ | ABC/Francisco Roman

Ben Higgins said Weber is a “nice dude” who isn’t “great at conflict”

On the Feb. 6 episode of Bachelor Happy Hour, hosted by former bachelorettes Lindsay and Becca Kufrin, Ben Higgins came on to talk about this season. Higgins is also a past Bachelor and has insight that most people don’t. “Here’s my thing. And I know Peter. I get to speak with him,” he said. “I think he’s a really nice dude and I think he really cares about this experience, and I think he really wants to see it work.”

But, Higgins points out how this drama threw a major wrench in that idealistic view of the experience. “I don’t think he’s great at conflict. I don’t think he expected so much conflict,” Higgins said. “The one thing that Peter has is, he walked into this thinking this was gonna be a really magical experience. And I hope it is at the end. But we all know… that, while you’re in it, it’s not magical. It sucks sometimes.”

Rachel Lindsay said Weber isn’t asking the right questions, which is a red flag

Lindsay added onto that and also stressed that The Bachelor doesn’t hit contestants with realistic scenarios. “But it’s not real life,” she said. “And I know he came to you to seek advice – and I don’t know if you told him that or not – but I think the beauty that gets in the curse of Peter is that he is so optimistic that it’s beautiful for this type of experience, but then he’s not realistic about how this experience can also be.”

And, actually, Weber’s blind spot also leads to a major red flag, Lindsay pointed out. “You brought up a really good point about him not asking the right questions. I think that’s true, and that’s a huge red flag for me when it comes to this season,” she said. “Because, to be successful, at the end of this, you have to ask the right questions. If you’re not asking those things, how are you preparing? “

Lindsay said this is where the men go wrong on ‘The Bachelor’

Lindsay also connected this to The Bachelor as a whole; some of the men don’t look at picking women with a real-world point of view. “I feel like, where the men really suck at this, is that you guys get caught up in the world that you’re in when you are on the show, and that you don’t think about how does this work in real life? And I’m using general. Not saying you specifically,” she told Higgins on the podcast. “And that’s my fear with Peter. He is so caught up in this, that are you thinking and asking the right questions about how this can work in real life?”

Considering 2 out of the last 23 Bachelors (Sean Lowe and Colton Underwood) are still with the women they ended with on the show (minus the unique cases of Jason Mesnick and Arie Luyendyk Jr.), Lindsay might have a point. Only time will tell if Weber’s lack of questions also leads to a non-engagement or a breakup in the end.