‘The Bachelor’: 11 Reactions Bachelor Nation Alums Had to Season 21

Nick Viall

Nick Viall and Corinne on The Bachelor | ABC

This season of The Bachelor shows Nick Viall trying to find love for the fourth time on television. It has been a pretty stressful season given he has been quick to send ladies home and shed tears. There is also a very interesting new villain, Corinne, a contestant who has a nanny and isn’t afraid to take her top off to get Nick’s attention.

So what do the Bachelor Nation alums have to say about Nick’s journey on the show? Here are 11 reactions Bachelor Nation alums had to Season 21.

1. Olivia Caridi

Before there was Corinne, there was Olivia. The blonde was the villain on Season 20 of The Bachelor. She was unsuccessful at winning that season, but she has been tuning into the current season. She tried giving Nick Viall some advice, but it doesn’t look like he’s open to it.

I’m having a hard time getting behind it,” she told Us Weekly. “Because if you’re here for love — and I tweeted this, and he didn’t love it, sorry — but if you’re here for love, you’re hearing ‘I love you,’ and your face is like this [makes a pained face], why are you here?”

She also dissed Nick in a Facebook Live video and pointed out his poor treatment of Vanessa Grimaldi. “Saying ‘I love you’ to someone is really freaky,” she said, “let alone [with] cameras around. She’s putting herself out there.” She continued, “It just felt like he was almost lecturing her and scolding her and it confused her, and rightfully so. He screwed up there, and I just was not a fan of that. I just thought it was rude.”

2. Chad Johnson

Chad was on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette but didn’t win her heart. Instead, he became known as the meat-eating villain of the season. This is because he never held back from saying what he wanted or physically intimidating other people. It looks like he is also tuning into Nick’s season and isn’t seeing what he wants.

3. Ashley I.

Who knows about crying on reality TV more than Ashley I.? Well, given that Nick has been shedding a lot of tears this season he has been giving everyone flashbacks to her time on the show. Ashley has been keeping up with the show, and couldn’t resist drawing a comparison to herself.

4. Ben Higgins

Nick should probably take advice from the man who was The Bachelor before him. It looks like Ben isn’t a fan of Corinne since she’s the one who said she has a “platinum vagine.” She’s definitely a controversial character this season so his reaction is not that surprising.

5. Sean Lowe

He was successful at finding love on the show so of course Sean is still tuning in. It looks like he wasn’t okay with Corinne trying to seduce Nick, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t find her entertaining! He also tweeted, “If we don’t get to meet Corinne’s nanny, I’m calling it quits.” The good news is that he’s getting what he asked for!

6. Josh Murray

Josh was on Bachelor in Paradise in Season 3 with Nick. The two might not have gotten along but that won’t keep Josh from watching the show. The Bachelorette alum has also been tuning in this season. Since Nick has been showing that he has doubts that he’ll find love, it looks like Josh is really sympathizing with the girls.

7. Juan Pablo Galavis

The former bachelor spotted his ex, Andi Dorfman in a teaser of a future episode of The Bachelor. He decided to make a joke about it with Josh, who also dated her on television. Some fans weren’t happy with it, but it just shows that even Juan Pablo is still tuning into the show.

8. Chris Soules

The former bachelor has also been watching the new season. It looks like he’s really into the chemistry between Nick and Vanessa. Vanessa sadly threw up on her first one-on-one date with Nick on a zero gravity flight, but Nick was right there with her and was very sweet.

9. JoJo Fletcher

The former bachelorette also has been watching the current season of the show. When Kristina opened up about growing up poor and immigrating to America with her mother, it was definitely a touching moment. JoJo had nothing but kind words for her on Twitter.

10. Jen Saviano

Jen actually dated Nick on Bachelor in Paradise, but their romance ended in the finale when Nick dumped her. Jen has understandably been tweeting less about the new season. However, she still gave Whitney a cool compliment for her crying face.

11. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn also dated Nick on her season of The Bachelorette, but she ended up finding love with Shawn Booth. It looks like she is still supporting Nick’s search for love because she’s watching the new season. She also is entertained by Corinne, and sort of applied for a new job working for Corinne’s nanny.

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