‘The Bachelor’: The Real Reason Hannah G. Was So Confused When Colton Broke Up With Her

Hannah Godwin was a crowd favorite to win Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. He awarded her his first impression rose, and the two seemed to have red hot chemistry throughout the season. Everyone watching along at home was just as surprised as Hannah G. when Colton decided to break up with her in Portugal to go chase after Cassie Randolph.

Colton and Hannah G. | Rick Rowell via Getty Images
Colton and Hannah G. | Rick Rowell via Getty Images

In several post-season interviews, Hannah G. speaks about how she was blindsided by Colton’s decision to break up with her before they had their fantasy suite date. She was stunned. In the clip of Colton breaking up with her, she says she’s having a hard time processing what’s happening–that it doesn’t seem real.

In a recent interview with Olivia Caridi on her podcast Mouthing Off, Hannah G. discussed the specific ways in which her breakup with Colton was confusing.

Hannah G. thought she was the first fantasy suite date

But the most confusing part? She had no idea Colton had gone on other fantasy suite dates. She thought he was breaking up with her straight after hometowns, where the two had a hugely successful family gettogether, and where Hannah G. was awarded the first rose at the following rose ceremony.

“I didn’t know he had gone on dates with them. I keep saying that but it was so important. I thought whenever he was saying ‘Cassie came and talked to me’–I thought that she had sneaked to his room or something. I was like ‘Wow he’s not giving any of us a chance.’ So that’s why I  was so confused because I was like ‘How do you know if you love Cassie if you didn’t spend time with her?’ That’s what I was thinking in my head,” she explained to Caridi. “He had never communicated while he was breaking up with me that he had been on two other dates. In my head right before he left I was just like ‘How has he not gone on any dates and he’s just deciding this right now?’ And that’s why I was so confused. That’s why I was extra shocked.”

Why Hannah G. was surprised to learn Colton chose Cassie

Caridi also asked Hannah G. if she was shocked to hear that Colton was in love with Cassie, or if it helped.   

“I guess it helped? It didn’t do anything. He was just like ‘Here’s the facts and I’m shocked,’” she said. “Hearing he loved her–I couldn’t help but wonder, well, if you would have spent time with me would it have been different?  I can’t just wonder what ifs because maybe he felt this since the first week and he just… I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like it was coming, and so when it did I was not ready for it.”

Hannah G. wasn’t shocked to hear that Colton loved Cassie. She was surprised to hear that he loved somebody other than her.

In an interview with Access, Hannah was asked if she was surprised Colton had chosen Cassie.

“Yes, but only because I thought it was me. I mean, he would look me in the eye and be like ‘Ok just trust me,’” she winked. “And I was just like ‘ok.’ I held on to that so much because it was real feelings.”

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