The Bachelor’ Season 23: Where Will Colton Underwood Take His Girls?

People watch ABC’s The Bachelor for all sorts of reasons. Some watch it for the romance that blossoms between the lead and at least three of the girls. Some watch it for the drama that goes down in The Bachelor mansion. Some people even watch it for the outfits that the girls wear throughout the season.

No matter your main reason for watching The Bachelor, there is one thing that everyone waits for in anticipation.

The travel.

The Bachelor always takes its contestants to some of the most exotic locations around the world. Each season shows the girls in a new, foreign location, vying for love.

And it’s absolutely addictive to watch.

Where will bachelor Colton Underwood take his girls?


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Where Will the Season 23 Contestants Travel?

Each season is different when it comes to travel. Sometimes the girls will be taken on multiple trips within the country and then only the final few will go on an international trip.

This season doesn’t seem to be shaking up that way. The girls head on their first trip on week 4 of this season. And it’s not just a trip down the road. No, these girls are headed to Singapore.

Typically in The Bachelor world, the trips stick to being in European countries. We aren’t sure whether that’s because of the flight time to Asian countries or for some other reason from the producers. This season, though, the producers seem to be throwing all caution to the wind and taking a large number of the women to Singapore.

And that’s not the only location the contestants will be flying to.

They will also be traveling to Vietnam, Thailand, Portugal, and Denver as the season goes on.


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Amongst all of the other locations like Thailand and Portugal, Denver may seem a little out of place. So why is The Bachelor bringing the girls there? Well, that is where Underwood currently resides. Bringing the girls to the lead’s current place of residence is nothing new. It’s a great way for the lead to see how well the remaining girls will fit into his life.


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Though Denver has been listed as Underwood’s hometown, he actually has a bigger connection to another city. Growing up, he spent a lot of time in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was even named after the city’s football team, the Indianapolis Colts, which turned out to be a really fitting name for Underwood who played football all of his life.

It is unclear whether the girls will also take a trip to Indianapolis to see the city that gave Underwood his name.

Other Locations

In a relationship, it’s important that both parties are able to fit into one another’s lives. To get a better feel of who the girls are, the bachelor will visit a few of them in their hometowns. Traditionally, the lead will only visit the hometowns of the final four girls.

Because it is so early on in the season, it’s hard to gauge who those final four girls will be and what locations Underwood will have to travel to.

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