‘The Bachelor’ Season 23: Who Is Cassie Randolph?

Cassie Randolph
Cassie Randolph | Cassie Randolph via Instagram

In Season 23 of The Bachelor, it will be Colton Underwood looking for love. He is a former football player that is now really focused on his charity which aims to provide resources for research and support of people living with cystic fibrosis. There are many beautiful women this season but there is already one that has gotten a lot of attention. Her name is Cassie Randolph. Who is she? Here is everything you need to know.

Cassie Randolph is a speech pathologist assistant and an ESL substitute teacher

The contestant works with people by helping them with their speech as a speech pathologist assistant. Cassie Randolph got her master’s degree in speech pathology at the University Of Wisconsin. She wrote a description of this job on her LinkedIn with “Responsible, determined, and hardworking, with experience in providing therapeutic services to individuals dealing with communication disorders.” 

Randolph also has the side gig of being an ESL substitute teacher. In that job description, she wrote, “Followed and taught rough general lesson plans assigned by permanent teacher for Adults learning English as a second language (ESL).” 

This certainly bodes well considering Underwood loves helping others and working with children. It seems like he and Cassie Randolph might share that as a passion. But Randolph has a very different hometown than the reality star.

She is a California girl

The pathologist assistant is from Huntington Beach, California. It looks like she has fun hanging out at the beach so she seems to love the sunny state. Colton Underwood is from Indianapolis, IN, but if he’s anything like other people who have been on the show he’d probably be open to moving to California after the show.

She was already Instagram famous

It probably wouldn’t be surprising if the substitute teacher was asked to come on the show because someone found her on Instagram. She had 40.8 k followers before the season’s premiere and she already had some shout outs to businesses on her feed.

Randolph has a YouTube channel with her sister called Double Mumble


The reason why she was Instagram famous is probably that she was creating content with her sister, Michelle on YouTube. They have a channel called “Double Mumble.” However, there aren’t any videos on the channel but it seems like they were posting vlogs. The sisters also have a separate Instagram page for Double Mumble.

Her sister, Michelle Randolph is an actress and starred in the movie, A Snow White Christmas

The two sisters are social media famous, but it looks like one of them wants to make it in Hollywood. Michelle Randolph is an actress and her latest project was starring in A Snow White Christmas. She has another movie coming up called 5 Years Apart.

Fans will have to continue to watch to see how far Cassie Randolph will actually go this season. But she seems like a strong competitor for Underwood’s heart.

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