‘The Bachelor’: Some Fans Feel Bad for Hannah Ann Sluss on Peter Weber’s Season

Although Hannah Ann Sluss did not appear on the “Women Tell All” segment of The Bachelor and was not the focus of the episode, some fans left the episode feeling sorry for Sluss. The beginning of the episode showed the rose ceremony following the overnight dates, and fans of The Bachelor picked up on some telling body language clues.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Weber’s season of The Bachelor.]

Hannah Ann Sluss Peter Weber
Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

What happened on the previous episode of ‘The Bachelor’

On Feb. 24, the overnight dates episode of The Bachelor aired. At the beginning of that episode, Madison Prewett told Peter Weber that she would have trouble moving forward with him if he slept with the other women. During this talk, Prewett did not disclose that the reason she would be uncomfortable moving forward is because she is saving herself for marriage.

Weber did sleep with Sluss and Victoria Fuller during their overnight dates. During his date with Prewett, she told Weber what her Christian values mean to her.

“The day that I say ‘I do’ to the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with is the day that he’s getting all of me — body, soul, and spirit,” Prewett told Weber. “I wouldn’t be able to say yes to an engagement… if you have slept with the other women.”

Weber disclosed that he was intimate with the other two women on the show. After an emotional goodbye, Prewett left the date. It’s unclear at the end of the episode if she is gone for good.

Hannah Ann Sluss accepted a rose from Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’

The “Women Tell All” episode picked up where the last episode left off. While Fuller and Sluss got ready for the rose ceremony, Weber cried to Chris Harrison about his worry over whether he messed things up with Prewett.

Fuller and Sluss both showed up for the rose ceremony, but Prewett was absent. Just when they began to wonder if Prewett would show up, she arrived. Through tears, Weber told the three women that the thought of hurting one of them was destroying him.

He called Sluss’ name first, and she accepted the rose. Next, Weber called Prewett’s name. After a moment of hesitation, she walked over to meet him. He asked if she would accept the rose, and there was a moment of silence between them.

After some hesitation, Prewett accepted the rose. Weber pulled her in for an emotional hug while Sluss and Fuller watched. After Weber said goodbye to Fuller, Prewett said “Here’s to seeing if love can conquer all” during her toast.

Fans of ‘The Bachelor’ feel bad for Hannah Ann Sluss

After the rose ceremony, the show returned to the “Women Tell All” segment. Yet fans felt the rose ceremony showed that Weber has stronger feelings towards Prewett than Sluss. Fans also think Sluss knows that too, and feel bad for her.

“Hannah Ann realizing that she doesn’t have a shot after that intimate moment between Peter and Madi #TheBachelor,” one fan tweeted.

“Hannah Ann watching that hug with Madi knowing full well that Madi’s going to win this thing…,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Hannah Ann realizing she actually has competition now that Madison is back #TheBachelor,” tweeted one fan.

“Hannah Ann’s face when she knows she is about to lose #TheBachelor,” wrote a fan on Twitter.