‘The Bachelor’ Star Colton Underwood Went Vegetarian For This Health Reason

Colton Underwood has lost his “vegenity.” And we only had to hear about it once this time. The Bachelor star recently announced that he’s renounced meat — at least for the time being. And his reason is founded on health, something that might surprise fans, since the star seems to be in pretty good shape. And while it might be tied to a promotional stunt, it seems as if Cassie Randolph might have joined in as well. 

Here’s what Colton Underwood hopes to accomplish by going vegetarian. 

Colton talks gaining weight on ‘The Bachelor’ 

The Bachelor star Colton Underwood is well known for his trim bod and his frequently discussed virginity. And, possibly, his ability to hop a fence. But what many fans didn’t know was that Underwood struggled with maintaining his fitness goals while on the show. In order to help keep himself trim, Underwood has partnered up with MorningStar and gone vegetarian, claiming he’s lost his “vegenity” in a cheeky Instagram video.

In a chat with Us Weekly, Underwood said of his new vegetarian diet, “It actually helps me stay on with my fitness goals. Right now I’m still trying to lose some weight from filming.”

Underwood continued, “You put weight on when you film. So it’s helping me with that part of my fitness goals. But then also, my digestive system. I don’t feel as bloated after I eat my meals and I’m loving it … there’s a ton of benefits.”

According to Underwood, you just don’t burn as many calories per day while filming the ABC show, or its spinoffs. “You don’t burn as many calories. I learned that really quick when I went on The Bachelorette. I first got off and I was like, ‘Wow, I gained 10 pounds.’ Then I went on Paradise and I had so much guacamole and I was like, ‘Wow, I just gained even more weight!’” explained Underwood. 

Cassie Randolph joins in 

According to Underwood, who also partakes in intermittent fasting, the food variety keeps him going when it comes to maintaining vegetarianism. 

“I think the only reason, for me, that it works is how diverse their products are. I mean, all the way from the sausage in the morning, to the cheeseburger in the afternoon, the chicken nuggets at night. You’re never really tasting the same thing over and over. So it’s been good,” explained Underwood.

And, according to The Bachelor star, Cassie Randolph has been helping out as well. Underwood says they work hard to keep each other accountable, even on special nights out. “Since I started this, I told her, with the launch of this campaign, I really wanted to go all in and I wanted to go completely meatless and she’s like, ‘You know what? I’ll do that with you too.’ So we’ve been doing it together, we’ve been having cookouts together,” said Underwood.

MorningStar might go full vegan 

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Underwood isn’t the only one making a big transition — MorningStar itself announced earlier this year that they plan to transition to a fully vegan company. According to Forbes, “About 65% of the company’s products are now vegan, and the shift, when completed, will eliminate the use of about 300 million eggs annually.” 

MorningStar is one of the biggest competitors on the meatless food market, owning a 17% market share last year. They also boast an impressive 49 vegetarian products — so it seems Underwood’s claims about variety are pretty well-founded.