‘The Bachelor’: 10 Things We Learned From Season 21’s ‘Women Tell All’

It has been a long and bumpy road on Season 21 of The Bachelor. This season we watched as Corinne started out as the villain, only to become one of the most beloved contestants. We have seen Nick Viall shed many tears and skip many rose ceremonies.

Now, after watching Season 21’s The Bachelor: Women Tell All, we’ve realized that there were many secrets that were hidden from fans. Some of these secrets were leaked in the tabloids, but the ladies revealed more during the Women Tell All. During the show, we got a little more insight into Liz’s situation with Nick, Taylor and Corinne’s feud, and what our next bachelorette is looking for in a man.

Here are 10 things we learned from the Women Tell All.

1. Liz claimed that she was interested in someone else when she met Nick

Liz and Chris Harrison smiling on Women Tell All

Liz on The Bachelor: Women Tell All | ABC

Liz came on the show after she had a one-night stand with Nick Viall at Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert‘s wedding. When they reunited on The Bachelor things were pretty awkward. Nick revealed that Liz actually refused to give him her phone number after hooking up, so he questioned why she changed her mind and came on the show.

Liz finally revealed that she turned him down because she was involved with someone else! “I was in a place in my life that I really, really cared about someone else,” Liz said. “I wanted to be with this person. They weren’t in the same place that I was. You know, I need that period to heal.”

The host, Chris Harrison said, “Nick was a Band-Aid” in reference to their one-night stand. It seemed like the Band-Aid didn’t work and Liz wanted to try things out with Nick again. “I guess I viewed it as a clean, fresh start,” said Liz. But many questioned if Liz ever thought about reaching out to Nick before the show.

2. Liz did try to reach out to Nick before the show, but he was busy

Liz looks up smiling at Nick on The Bachelor

Liz and Nick Viall on The Bachelor | ABC

While talking privately, Nick asked Liz why she didn’t reach out to him before the show. She revealed on the Women Tell All that she did, but he was busy. Jade Tolbert actually explained the situation to ET Online.

[Liz] was like, ‘Why don’t you invite Nick? I kind of would like to see him again.’ And I was like, ‘OK!’ So I sent him a text, and he was like, ‘You know what, I have some things in the works,’ which was the show. He was like, ‘I don’t know if I can make it,’ and he couldn’t.

3. Taylor claimed that Corinne’s lack of ’emotional intelligence’ led to drama in the house

Taylor talking to the crowd as Chris Harrison listens on Women Tell All

Taylor on The Bachelor: Women Tell All | ABC

The drama between Taylor and Corinne seemed to come out of nowhere. But Taylor clarified that she sat down with Corinne because Corinne’s behavior was starting trouble. She also explained why she focused on Conrinne’s “emotional intelligence.”

“I was talking about her ability to regulate her emotions and to empathize and pick up on the emotions of other women in the house,” she explained, and then addressed Corinne, ” … sometimes you’re not fully aware of like how—the impact of your words have on other people.”

4. Many of the other girls also had problems with Taylor

The cast of The Bachelor

The Bachelor | ABC

Taylor made it seem like many women were having problems with Corinne, but at the reunion on Women Tell All, it seemed like many of them didn’t like how Taylor was acting. “You walked around in the house though with your nose in the air,” said Jasmine G. “You did, Taylor. You walked around the house like you were too good for everybody.”

Josephine also chimed in with, “You walked with your nose in the air aloof and never made the genuine effort to know Corinne.”

5. Corinne said she missed the rose ceremony due to an anxiety attack

Corinne smiling at Chris Harrison on Women Tell All

Corinne on The Bachelor: Women Tell All | ABC

Many of the ladies were upset with Corinne for not attending one of the rose ceremonies. Instead, Corinne was taking a nap. Corinne explained that she didn’t nap just because she was tired.

“I actually was very upset and I actually had an anxiety attack,” explained Corinne, “and Taylor was actually there in the beginning when I started to freak out a little bit. I was hyperventilating and was very, very upset and I just—I was not in any way ready to go down and stand in a rose ceremony.”

6. Corinne had a good reason for calling Raquel her nanny

The Bachelor's Nick and Corinne in the water in wedding clothes

The Bachelor | ABC

Corinne shocked fans and fellow contestants when she said she had a nanny who made her snacks and did her chores. But she explained why she referred to Raquel as a nanny rather than a housekeeper.

She is someone that’s been there with me through the hardest times in my life when I didn’t have anybody else. My mom had ovarian cancer. I was told she was going to pass away. I was told that my dad needed to get her funeral in order and Raquel was there. She was my rock and you know what she moved from New Jersey to Florida to be with me and my family during this time. And when I said nanny I said it in a way to not call her a cleaning lady or a housekeeper because I care about her.

7. Kristina has been contacted by kids from her orphanage

Kristina is smiling on Women Tell All

Kristina on The Bachelor: Women Tell All | ABC

The Russian-born contestant told her heartbreaking story of going to an orphanage after being kicked out by her mother. The show has helped her reconnect with people from her childhood. “I’ve been contacted from some of the kids I grew up with in the orphanage,” she revealed on the show. “I’ve kept in touch with a couple of them. I’ve tried, my Russian is a little bit rusty but this brings a lot of voice, a lot of opportunities for me.”

8. Lacey called out Nick for not being attentive

Lacey is smiling up at Nick on the first night of The Bachelor

Lacey on The Bachelor | ABC

Nick was quick to let ladies go this season, but he wasn’t always good at it. “The last few moments I had with you,” said Lacey, “the night you sent me home we had like five minutes chatting with each other and you spent those five minutes with me talking about Josephine.”

She went on to give Nick some relationship advice. “Word of advice, don’t talk to one of your like kind-of-girlfriends about your other kind-of-girlfriend!”

9. Nick explained why he sent women home so quickly

Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall sitting next to each other and smiling on Women Tell All

Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall on The Bachelor: Women Tell All | ABC

This season had fewer rose ceremonies because Nick would send women home on the spot. He gave an interesting answer when asked why he took that approach, which saw him sending home multiple women who confessed their feelings for him.

“Sometimes when you build a relationship there is the intangible,” explained Nick. “They have all those things that you’re looking for and they have that resume so to speak but there’s that intangible that’s missing. I even surprised myself with the relationships I felt more invested in. You know, I tried my best.”

10. Rachel revealed what she’s looking for in a man

The Bachelor's Rachel Lindsey sits on a couch and talks to the bachelor, Nick

The Bachelor | ABC

The show also introduced its future star of The Bachelorette. She gave some insight into what she’s looking for in her future husband.

I physically don’t really have a type, I always say that. I’m a sucker for a great smile. I love to laugh. I’m corny so it’s very easy to make me laugh. I’m looking for a guy who’s secure and confident and knows exactly what it is that he wants. That’s something that’s been lacking in my past relationships. I’m looking for a guy who is ready to get married and start a family. I’m at a stage in my life where that’s exactly what I want and I want a guy who’s not afraid of that.

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