‘The Bachelor’: This Contestant Intimidated Hannah G.

Hannah Godwin was the fan favorite to win Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. She was awarded the first-impression rose and had a strong connection with Colton throughout the entirety of the season. That is, until he broke up with her just before their fantasy suite date to go chase after Cassie Randolph.

Hannah G. and fellow contestants | Josh Vertucci via Getty Images
Hannah G. and fellow contestants | Josh Vertucci via Getty Images

Cassie broke up with Colton during their fantasy suite date after her dad flew to Portugal to talk to her about her feelings towards Colton. Her dad said that if she didn’t know right then that she wanted to marry him, then he probably wasn’t the one for her.

Flash forward one fence jump and a few months later and Colton and Cassie are very happy together today. Colton even gets along with Cassie’s dad now.

And Hannah G. is moving on and living her best life after her heartbreaking on-screen breakup.

The contestant Hannah G. found most intimidating

For much of the show, viewers thought Hannah G. to be the sure-fire season winner. But in a recent interview with Olivia Caridi on her podcast, Mouthing Off, Hannah revealed who was intimidating to her when she first entered the Bachelor Mansion.

When Olivia asked Hannah who she felt was her competition she replied “everybody!”

“I would just be talking to people and staring at them and be like ‘holy crap they’re so pretty.’ I had no clue what I was getting myself into. There were a lot of people who were intimidating. Caelynn–I remember watching Miss USA and seeing that she had gotten in the top two or something and so I was like ‘woah she’s really pretty. I’m leaving tonight,’” she said.     

Who Hannah G. was relieved to see at the mansion

Hannah G. also told Olivia that, while she found Caelynn to be hugely intimidating, she was relieved to see a familiar face: the current Bachelorette, Hannah B.

There was even some confusion on the first night because both women are named Hannah and both from Alabama.  

“So I got to the mansion and somebody was like ‘hey what’s your name?’ and I’m so nervous like ‘what’s going on?’ you know like that moment where you’re sitting on the couch and you’re like ‘how am I actually on the show?’–but I was like ‘oh I’m Hannah, I’m from Alabama.’ And they were like there’s already another Hannah from Alabama and I was like ‘where is she?’ because I knew in my head it’s gotta be her. I saw her and I was like ‘’what’s up girl?’ so that was cool,” said Hannah G.

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She went on to tell Olivia how the two knew each other from the pageant world.  

“But we didn’t get to meet a whole lot [participating in pageants]. The year that I competed against her neither of us won that year. I got first runner up and Miss Congeniality and I stopped doing pageants that year, and then the next year she tried out and she actually ended up winning it. It was cool seeing a familiar face and we both hit it off really easily and we were both each other’s kind of safety net there because it’s such a crazy world so to see someone you know who’s cool and sweet it’s like ‘thank God.’”

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