‘The Bachelor’: This Proves That Cassie Really Loves Colton

Cassie Randolph won Colton Underwood’s heart on his season of The Bachelor. Colton’s on record saying he stopped thinking of other women ever since their one-on-one date in Vietnam. The two spent much of their date making out in the water, making out on the beach, making out in the shower, making out standing up, making out sitting down… and apparently also getting to know each other and forming a lasting connection (that part just wasn’t shown on TV).

Cassie and Colton | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
Cassie and Colton | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

But many viewers thought it was painfully clear that Cassie just wasn’t that into Colton. Even her own family wasn’t sure their sister and daughter really had feelings for The Bachelor.

“There are hundreds of other guys out there, too. So if he’s not %100 the one, like if there’s any doubt, dont’ shove that down. I know you better than anyone and I literally think that you’re perfect. So I want you to be with somebody who’s perfect. Like, this could actually be somebody that is forever, you know? I don’t want you to settle for anything less,” Michelle Randolph told her sister through tears during Cassie’s hometown.

Cassie just didn’t seem that into Colton

When Cassie went on dates with Colton, it just didn’t seem like she was romantically interested in the former Bachelor. The clips ABC aired would show Colton being head-over-heels smitten and Cassie just lukewarm about the whole thing.

The final straw was when her dad flew to Portugal to make sure his daughter didn’t carry on with a relationship her heart wasn’t in. She decided to leave the show only to be convinced to stay by Colton with the promise that they could proceed at their own pace.

When the couple appeared at the finale together, they were excited to announce that they were, indeed, mutually in love. But many fans still weren’t convinced.

How we know Cassie really loves Colton

According to Cassie, she does love Colton. She just needed some extra time and less pressure to get there. The couple really does seem happy together today. Their Instagram posts are filled with photos of them traveling together and PDAing all across America.

Additionally, Cassie and Colton just did an interview with Jenny McCarthy on The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM, and Cassie spoke about how hard it was for her to watch Colton’s season back and see him have connections with other girls. If that doesn’t sound like someone who’s in love we don’t know what does.  

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“It was really hard watching him–honestly the making out I can get over. But having actual connections with girls and having deep conversations with them was really hard because I was like ‘Oh, ok. You guys actually had deep conversations that I have to watch,’” said Cassie.

“Girls say that emotional connection sometimes is harder to swallow than the physical,” replied Jenny.  

“Yes! That was harder to watch. Exactly,” Cassie agreed.