‘The Bachelor’: Victoria Fuller Says She’s ‘Been a Part of the Problem’ With Black Lives Matter Post

Last season of The Bachelor was filled with controversy. The fans were angry at Victoria Fuller for modeling for an offensive clothing company. Fuller is now acknowledging her past with a post during the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

Victoria Fuller got backlash during ‘The Bachelor’

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Fans did some digging into Fuller’s modeling past during The Bachelor. They found pictures of her modeling for a company that had “White Lives Matter” merchandise.

Fuller won a modeling competition that season and the prize was a cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. However, the digital cover was never released due to her past modeling gig.

“It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I found out that the woman I’d chosen had, in her past, modeled in an ad campaign wearing White Lives Matter attire,” editor-in-chief Jessica Pels said in a statement. “Unequivocally, the White Lives Matter movement does not reflect the values of the Cosmo brand. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, and any cause that fights to end injustices for people of color.”

It then added, “We’d already printed the fashion shoot in our March issue, complete with an inset of the cover, and of course the episode had already been filmed. Ultimately what felt right was choosing not to publish the digital cover on our website or social feeds, and simply being honest with you, the audience we respect, about what happened and where we stand.”

Fuller denied the clothes had an offensive meaning

Chris Harrison and Victoria Fuller on 'The Bachelor'
Chris Harrison and Victoria Fuller on ‘The Bachelor’ | Kelsey McNeal/ABC via Getty Images

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The model finally responded to the backlash after the cover was pulled and Peter Weber made a statement. She responded to fans in the comment section of an Instagram post of Bachelor Clues.

“Hello bachelor clues & followers! It would be nice for you to gather all the facts before jumping to bash someone,” she wrote according to Us Weekly. “The company ‘We Love Marlins’ is in support of catching white, blue, & black marlins & releasing them back into the wild.”

She then added, “In regards to a sensitive topic, I come from a very diverse background & am in support of all races! Virginia Beach is a VERY large fishing town where Marlin tournaments are held every year! Glad to clear this up.”

Fuller then apologized. “I’m sorry if you or anyone else’s feelings were hurt. That was never my intention,” she wrote. “I definitely see how this could be offensive. I apologize immensely it was never my intention to lessen this matter.”

She says she was part of the problem

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The former reality star posted pictures of a protest in Virginia Beach on Instagram on June 2. She started the caption with acknowledging her own past scandal.

“I’d first like to say, I have been a part of the problem,” reads the caption. “And for that I am sorry. Being naive, staying silent, or not educating ourselves of the ongoing racism in our country IS contributing to the problem. Period.”

It continues with, “I don’t want to be a part of the problem. I’ve taken time to educate myself, read, listen & although I can never fully grasp or understand I am willing to keep learning. This isn’t a trend. This is a societal problem that needs change. & hopefully I can use my platform as a way to educate and continue everyday to learn from others.”

She ended the post with a list of things people can due to support the movement at this time. Other former contestants like Victoria Paul and Alayah Benavidez showed her support in the comments.