‘The Bachelor’: Was Cassie Randolph Rich Before Meeting Colton Underwood?

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelorwas certainly one we’ll never forget. From the beautiful leading ladies to the infamous fence jump, we had no idea if Colton would be able to win Cassie’s heart in the end — but it seems the two are better than ever now. While engagement was Colton’s ultimate goal, he found everlasting love with Cassie, and the two are continuing to take things slow and progress with their relationship while the cameras are no longer rolling.

There’s no doubt Colton has plenty of money, but what about Cassie? It seems there’s plenty of evidence to support she comes from big money, too. Here’s what we know.

Cassie’s from Huntington Beach, which has a high cost of living

We remember when Cassie brought Colton to Huntington Beach to meet her family on The Bachelor. For those unfamiliar with the beautiful beach town, it comes with quite the price tag to reside there, too. According to BestPlaces, Huntington Beach comes with a cost of living index of 206.3 — and the website notes anything above 100 indicates the location is quite costly.

Cassie’s home certainly looked beautiful, too. BestPlaces notes the median home price in this area is around $812,500. For those looking to rent in the area, they should be prepared to spend major money here. A studio costs around $1,500 for monthly rental, and a one-bedroom apartment stands around $1,800. Judging from prices like these, there’s no doubt Cassie comes from serious money.

Her brother and sister are already making names for themselves, too

Cassie may be the most well-known Randolph at the moment, but before her Bachelor fame, it wasn’t always that way. Heavy notes Cassie’s sister, Michelle, who we’ve also seen featured on Cassie’s Instagram, is certainly benefitting from her talent, looks, and status. Michelle is an actress and model who has starred in TV movies and already attained Instagram fame at just 22 years old. With over 300,000 followers, there’s no doubt she’s an influencer and making money through social media, too.

As for Cassie’s other siblings, her younger brother Landon is also kickstarting his career as a surfer. Heavy notes he’s studied under professional surfer Koa Rothman, and according to his Instagram, he seems to be doing quite well for himself. The Randolph kids seem to be a talented bunch, but their apparent wealth may have helped them get opportunities along the way they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Her newfound fame as the winner of her season is sure to bring in more money

We know the contestants on The Bachelor don’t get paid, but there are certainly benefits when it comes to fame and opportunities after the show. As the winner of Colton’s heart, Cassie’s gained more attention (and Instagram followers) than ever. And while Cassie recently told Instagram that she’s moving to Los Angeles to be closer to Colton, Colton mentioned to People that he and Cassie were looking for some pricey property for the future. “Our goal is to buy a house in Huntington Beach in the next year, but we probably won’t move in together until we’re engaged or married,” he told the publication.

With Cassie coming from a seemingly wealthy family, she also seems to fit right in with Colton’s status. From his previous contract with the Raiders to his time on Bachelor in Paradise to his fame now, there’s no doubt between the two of them they’re certainly not hurting for cash. His estimated net worth was around $1 million, and that was before his season of The Bachelor began. When Cassie and Colton do finally get engaged and married, we have no doubt their wedding will be gorgeous (and expensive), too.

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