‘The Bachelor’: What Annoys Colton About Cassie

The way Colton found love on The Bachelor might have been atypical but, today, he and Cassie Randolph are very happy together. One very public breakup and fence-jump later, the couple has decided to take things one day at a time and do what works for them, despite usual Bachelor protocol.

Cassie and Colton | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images
Cassie and Colton | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Now that they’ve had some time to date (in public, too–no more disguises!), the couple is getting accustomed to navigating around each other’s pet peeves and quirks.

What Cassie does that annoys Colton

In a recent interview with Young Hollywood, Underwood revealed some of the things Randolph does that he’s not the biggest fan of.

“She leaves the water running when she brushes her teeth. That gets to me. That one, and she uses way too many paper towels. She doesn’t know how to reuse something. She’ll like wipe it once and throw it away and then she goes and gets another one and I’m like ‘you could just use the other side of that paper towel.’ But, you know, everybody has their things. I’ll let her have hers,” he said.

He added something he loves about her, for good measure: “She talks with her hands a lot, too, which I think is so cute.”

What Colton does that annoys Cassie

Underwood isn’t exactly Mr. Perfect, though. He says that Cassie has a running list of her Colton pet peeves.

“She’s big on lists. Like she makes lists on lists. She writes everything down, whether it’s the grocery store, whether it’s my pet peeves, she has a list in her phone.

She doesn’t like when I leave wrappers open. I’ll have a rice cake or bread and I won’t close it fully and I’ll leave it open and then it can get stale and she gets upset with me. She has a running list of that. She has a running list of words that I don’t say correctly or if I mispronounce them. There’s been a lot. It’s been really bad. There’s a city in Hawaii. I called it Waikiki but I guess that’s not what it is. I don’t know, she has like, I think it’s up to twelve now.”

Colton and Cassie are just happy to be dating

Of course, there’s a lot of good in their relationship right now, too. They’re enjoying just dating and getting to know each other better.

“We’re trying to just do normal things. I think the hardest part right now is just not planning things and really taking every day for what it is. I think the best part about it is we’re happy, we’re in love, and we’re dating. I know that’s so different than what the Bachelor franchise is used to but that’s us,” he told Young Hollywood. “The pressures that came along with the show I wasn’t ok with just because I wanted to do what was best for our relationship and what was best for our relationship wasn’t an engagement at the end of it. But we’re very happy, and things are going well.”   

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