‘The Bachelor’: What Did Peter Weber’s Ex Expose About Victoria F?

Last night’s hometown dates had fans both shocked and intrigued. Peter Weber’s time as the Bachelor has been a bit of a mangled mess. Most of the season was marred by petty drama between the women and the rest of it has been Weber rewarding whichever woman puts him through an emotional rollercoaster.

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was supposed to be pretty drama-free. Weber was set to meet the families of Kelsey Weier, Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, and Victoria Fuller. In the end, he only met three of those families. Fuller’s hometown date was interrupted by one of Weber’s exes, Merissa Pence. Pence delivered some information to Weber that had him confront Fuller and skip meeting her parents. So, what did Pence say?

Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller
Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Victoria and Peter’s hometown date

When Weber went into his date with Fuller, he was still riding high from his time with Prewett. Weber’s date with Fuller started out great. But at the end of the daytime portion, Pence walked up to Weber and told him some interesting information about Fuller.

She said that she and Fuller had been friends previously and warned Weber to be careful because Fuller had caused a number of relationships to end.

Weber took the information right to Fuller.

“You know how on our first date at that concert, you had an ex there?” he asked. “Today I had an ex there, too. Her name is Merissa. We just kind of chatted for a little bit, and then she just brought some stuff to my attention that she thought I should know. She told me that you’ve caused a lot of other relationships to end — I don’t know what she could be referring to, but those are her words.”

Fuller immediately went on the defensive and claimed that Weber was taking Pence’s side over hers.

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“You’re supposed to meet my family,” she said. “And you decided what Merissa told you was more important than meeting my entire family.”

“Do you think I enjoy this right now?” Peter responded. “Do you think there is any way I couldn’t address this?”

After more back and forth, Weber tried to calm Fuller down.

“I really didn’t come in here trying to attack you,” he said. “And if somehow it came across that I was taking her side and not yours, I’m sorry for that.”

“I adore you,” Fuller said. “I literally wanted to tell you tonight that I was falling in love with you. And how am I supposed to do that? … I had such high hopes for you to meet my family and I’m just so disappointed.”

Weber eventually left without ever meeting Fuller’s family. But despite the disaster that was his hometown date with her, he is still keeping Fuller around for Fantasy Suite week.

How were Peter Weber’s other hometown dates?

Weber was pretty busy in the love department this week. He told both Prewett and Sluss that he was falling in love with them. While Weier told Weber she was fully in love with him, Weber just couldn’t return those feelings and sent her home.

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“I’m so sorry, and I know you probably didn’t see that coming at all,” the pilot said to Weier as he walked her to her limo. “Believe me, when you told me that you loved me, that meant the world to me. But I just — I wasn’t there.”